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How do I know if I have a strong personal injury case?

Nobody can predict when they will be injured as a result of someone else's negligence. While a sudden accident or reckless act can be devastating, the outcome doesn't have to be. A good personal injury case involves strong liability and significant damages. Before you can begin building a strong case, you must first identify that...

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Why do I need to hire a lawyer after a car wreck?

Florida's roads aren't getting any safer. Every day, we hear about the catastrophes caused by distracted driving, speeding and impaired driving. That's just the tip of the iceberg. People often sustain serious and life-changing injuries as a result of driver negligence. Families are devastated by the loss of a loved one. Catastrophes like this are...

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Drunk Driving: Survey Reveals Admitted Habits of Drivers

Alcohol affects the brain in a way that can slow a driver's reaction time, impact their ability to use good judgment, and cause them to lose focus on the road. Indeed, drunk driving is not only illegal, it's extremely dangerous. Nevertheless, drunk drivers continue to put the lives of others at risk every day in...

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Pedestrian safety threatened by distracted drivers

Florida's roadways are among the most dangerous in the United States for pedestrians, and the vast majority of crashes that lead to injury or death involve some degree of distracted driving. There are many ways drivers can become distracted while sitting behind the wheel, such as eating and drinking, multitasking, grooming, tuning a radio, or...

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What should I do if I'm a victim of a violent crime on business property?

Those who visit a business should feel safe, but many violent criminals target unsuspecting victims on business grounds and parking areas. When a victim is injured on business property, he or she has the right to pursue a negligent security claim against the property owner, business owner or lease holder. According to neighborhoodscout.com, here are...

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Take "A Day Off To Vote" on Election Day 2020

Twelve U.S. states recognize Election Day (November 3, 2020) as a state holiday. Unfortunately, Florida does not. Yet, Florida is one of the most critical states in the presidential election. It carries 29 of the 270 electoral votes that are required for a presidential candidate to win an election. As with most past presidential elections,...

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What kinds of injuries are linked to airbags?

Airbag burns are very common during frontal collisions. It doesn't take much impact for an airbag to deploy. This often happens when the sensor at the front of the car detects a collision at speeds as low as 8-14 mph. This can lead to airbag injuries. In many cases, burns caused by airbags are minor....

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How to read my Florida car accident report

Being involved in a car wreck can be a frustrating and overwhelming situation. With the right legal representation, the complexities of your case can be sorted out. This often requires key evidence that can be used to support your claim. One piece of key evidence is the crash report documented by the law enforcement agency...

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How to spot a reckless driver

Reckless drivers often don't use reasonable caution when sharing the road with others. We have all seen the reckless behavior of other drivers. When these drivers cause a crash, we can't truly call it an "accident." That's because reckless drivers make the conscious decision to drive in a way that endangers others. Reckless driving causes...

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