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Florida Among Nation's Most Dangerous States for Drivers

A recent report ranked Florida among the nation's most dangerous states. Wallet Hub reports Florida is the nation's 46th safest state, beating out Texas (47th) by one spot. The report is based on 48 different metrics. Florida ranked 40th for personal and property safety, 30th for financial safety, 47th for road safety and 41st for...

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West Palm Beach Truck Accidents Can Be Reduced With Collision Avoidance Technology

Crash avoidance technologies are expanding and improving with each vehicle model year. Forward collision warnings, automatic braking systems, lane departure warning and prevention systems, adaptive headlights, rear cross traffic warnings, adaptive cruise control, and blind spot detection are just some of the many features that can help drivers avoid accidents. A review of recent truck...

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Distracted Tourists Can Cause West Palm Beach Auto Accidents

Distracted driving is quickly becoming one of the most pervasive and dangerous public health risks in the United States. While many researchers stress the dangers of smartphones, navigation systems, and in-vehicle entertainment units, there are many other ways in which a driver can become distracted. Popular tourist destinations such as West Palm Beach attract many...

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Our Guide To Downloading Your Facebook Data

Your information at your fingertips Are you concerned about what data Facebook has? Thousands of Americans are, and just as many are looking for answers. What have they looked at? What is my digital "file" comprised of? Thankfully, we can help you find that out. At David Glatthorn Law, we've created a simple visual guide-use...

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Palm Beach Storefront Crashes a Hidden Danger

Cars crashing into storefronts is an ongoing safety concern that receives too little attention. What began as an effort to protect government buildings in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, has for Rob Reiter become a passion to protect everyone from the hidden dangers of vehicles driving into storefronts. The turning point for Reiter...

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Privacy on Facebook

The latest data leak leaves thousands of users compromised, and more paranoid You probably have heard of the data scandal involving Facebook recently, noted as the "Cambridge Analytica privacy scandal", releasing millions of users' data. Facebook openly admitted to collecting the data of phone calls and text messages from Android phone users, and tens of...

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Lane-Sharing and Motorcycle Accidents in Palm Beach

While lane-splitting is currently legal in California, the move to legalize it in other states could be on the horizon. But Florida law (State Uniform Traffic Control 316.209) makes it clear that, "The operator of a motorcycle shall not overtake and pass in the same lane occupied by the vehicle being overtaken," and "[n]o person...

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Palm Beach Parking Lots a Dangerous Place for Accidents

With elderly residents, snowbirds and vacationers all part of a volatile mix, Florida parking lots are a notorious place for car accidents and pedestrian accidents. Our legal team has blogged recently about distracted drivers and the high risks of bicycle and pedestrian accidents. Florida parking lots is where all those risks converge and the road rules...

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Distracted Employees and Dangerous Florida Traffic Accidents

CBS News reports workplace pressure is adding to the distracted driving epidemic on our nation's roads, as motorists feel compelled or required to answer calls, texts and emails from their employers while their eyes should be on the road. Closer to home, our personal injury law firm in Palm Beach reported last month that Florida lawmakers...

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Motorcycle Passengers at Greater Risk of Head Injuries

Florida's temperate climate brings many motorcycles out onto the streets of West Palm Beach. While motorcycle riding can be enjoyable in our mild weather, it also carries certain risks, making it far more dangerous than riding in a passenger vehicle. A new study has found that these risks are even greater for motorcycle passengers than...

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