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You must see a doctor after a crash

Many people who are involved in a crash don't sustain severe injuries. They usually feel fine enough to continue with their day, even when their cars are totaled. Some may experience minor pain after a crash, but are under the impression that it will improve without medical treatment. This can be dangerous for two reasons:...

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How Dangerous Are West Palm Beach School Buses?

In December 2019, a teenager was struck and killed by a school bus in West Palm Beach, according to WPTV. This incident has prompted some residents to question student safety, especially while walking in the dark during the early morning hours. According to investigators, the incident occurred when the student stepped into the crosswalk at...

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New study: Electric scooter injuries tripled in the U.S. with a high risk of head trauma and broken bones

Nearly 40,000 broken bones, head trauma and other electric scooter crash injuries were treated in United States emergency rooms from 2014-2018. The figures were revealed in a newly released study. The scooter injury rate among the general population climbed in that time from 6 per 100,000 to 19 per 100,000, according to the Associated Press. Researchers...

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West Palm Beach police step up efforts to protect pedestrians

West Palm Beach is one of the most dangerous places in Florida when it comes to traffic safety. Our infrastructure is especially dangerous to those who get around on foot. As a result, pedestrians are either seriously injured or killed at an alarming rate. That's why local law enforcement officers have been stepping up their...

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AAA warns that pedestrian detection systems fail when needed most

Emergency braking systems in cars that are intended to detect, and stop for, pedestrians, don’t always work the way they're designed to. AAA found pedestrian detection systems often fail when needed, and the inconsistency worsens at night. What is the emergency braking system in most vehicles actually designed to do? Cars with these systems use cameras, radar...

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Large commercial trucks pose threat to neighborhood residents

We see large commercial trucks on greater West Palm Beach highways and major roads. When truck drivers and trucking companies operate responsibly, large commercial vehicles don't typically pose a danger to other road users. Large trucks can pose a threat to the public when operated in areas where they aren't infrastructurally suitable, of course. For...

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