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Distracted driver accidents have become increasingly common in Florida and across the country. Instead of focusing on the road, many drivers seem more concerned with the person they are texting or talking to on the phone while they are driving. The result: many innocent people sustain serious injuries due to another driver's reckless behavior.

Cell phone accidents and texting while driving accidents are the most common kind of distracted driver car accidents. But there are many other ways such accidents can happen. Drivers who try to eat, put on makeup or even just fiddling with the radio can easily become distracted and cause an accident.

Whatever the reason, such reckless drivers need to be held accountable for their actions. In West Palm Beach, Florida distracted driving lawyer David Glatthorn has devoted his career to holding people responsible for negligent behavior.

Distracted driving demands strong legal action. Contact David Glatthorn

Your case might seem straightforward, especially if the other driver clearly caused the accident. Don't be so sure. There's rarely such a thing as a simple car accident case, according to attorney Glatthorn. That's why he works so tirelessly to gather evidence to build a rock-solid case designed to get people the money they rightfully deserve.

Expect more. Contact David Glatthorn and schedule a free case review. The sooner you contact him, the sooner he can help you with your complicated case. Call 800-990-9394 today.

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