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Motorcycle Safety Tips

Stay safe when riding in West Palm Beach

Motorcycle accidents happen fast. But sometimes, there are some things you can do to avoid being involved in a serious motorcycle accident. Attorney David Glatthorn has dealt with numerous accidents during his career, which began more than 30 years ago for this Board Certified trial lawyer.

Perhaps the most important tip for motorcyclists is to keep a close eye out for other drivers. It's the other cars on the road that often pose the most danger for motorcyclists. Too often, too many drivers are more focused on other things besides the road: texting, talking on the phone, fiddling with the radio. All these things are among the most common causes of motorcycle accidents.

Another thing to keep in mind is the weather conditions. If it's wet or raining outside, make sure to leave additional space between yourself and other vehicles. Also be aware that it will likely take longer to stop safely. Leaving just a few extra seconds between yourself and other vehicles could be just the thing to prevent motorcyclists from sustaining serious motorcycle accident injuries.

Wear protective clothing. Use a DOT-approved helmet, which can help protect your head during a crash. Wearing leather pants, coats and gloves can help protect your skin from road rash. Motorcycle boots that are over the ankle are best for protecting your feet. Also use face protection.

Take a motorcycle safety course, even if you are an experienced rider. You can always learn something new about staying safe on the road. And hands-on instruction from a safety expert is always more effective than reading from a book or website.

If you've been injured, contact attorney David J. Glatthorn

Unfortunately, even the safest riders are involved in motorcycle accidents. When they are, they trust David Glatthorn Law to make things right. Attorney Glatthorn has a proven track record and knows how to build a strong case designed to get people the compensation they rightfully deserve.

He is especially well known throughout the state for his ability to ability to obtain large, often multi-million-dollar verdicts and settlements. That's how he earned his membership in the prestigious "Million Dollar Advocates Forum," an organization reserved for lawyers who have obtained a verdict or settlement worth over $1 million for a client. Less than 1 percent of lawyers in America belong to the "Million Dollar Advocates Forum."

Expect more. Contact us and schedule a free case evaluation. Call 800-990-9394. Attorney Glatthorn - he's on your side.

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