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Frequently Asked Questions about Pedestrian Accidents

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Knowing what to do after a South Florida pedestrian accident can be difficult and confusing. Pedestrian accidents often have a serious physical, emotional and financial impact. The consequences sometimes can be felt for years or even decades. And recovering compensation can be a very difficult process.

Insurance companies are supposed to help when you've been injured in an accident. But their main interest is in paying you as little as possible. Attorney David Glatthorn used to work for insurance companies, and he knows their tactics. He also knows how to build a strong case that holds negligent parties accountable and helps you recover compensation.

Chances are you have more questions than answers. That's why we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions about what we can do to help accident victims. Contact David Glatthorn today and discover what he can do for you. Call David Glatthorn Law at 800-990-9394 and schedule a free case evaluation. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

What are my legal rights after a pedestrian accident in West Palm Beach?

If a driver's negligent or careless behavior contributed to your accident, you may have grounds to file a pedestrian accident lawsuit. However, even if the cause of your accident was clear-cut - the driver was driving drunk, sending a text message while driving, or speeding through a red light - insurance companies often will try to minimize the liability of the driver to keep your payments at a minimum. These cases can be difficult to resolve without the aid of a pedestrian accident lawyer in West Palm Beach who thoroughly understands Florida law. Attorney Glatthorn has decades of experience protecting the rights of South Florida residents injured in all types of car accidents.

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What if I was partially at fault for my pedestrian accident?

In Florida, injured pedestrians have the legal right to bring a claim against a driver, even when ruled to be partially at fault in the accident. Florida is a pure comparative fault state. That means injured pedestrians can collect compensation when found to be partially at fault. For example, if you were walking against a signal at a crosswalk and were struck by a drunk driver, you still may be entitled to receive a percentage of compensation determined by your percentage of fault in the accident. These cases can be complicated. Insurance companies are quick to try to argue a victim was at fault to avoid paying full compensation. That's why it's important to contact an attorney before admitting any fault. Call David Glatthorn today at 800-990-9394.

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How much does a pedestrian accident lawyer in West Palm Beach cost?

You owe us nothing until we obtain a favorable verdict or settlement on your behalf. We believe that pedestrian accident victims across South Florida have the right to access the state's courts without worrying how to pay for it. We offer a free case evaluation to all prospective clients. If you choose to retain us, as contingency fee attorneys, we require no payment until we obtain a recovery on your behalf.

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What is my pedestrian accident case worth in South Florida?

There is no set amount an attorney can secure for an injured person after a pedestrian accident in West Palm Beach. Every case is different. Every client is different, too. Unique injuries and circumstances surround each accident. We work with clients one-on-one to build the most solid and successful legal strategy possible - and we have the case results to prove it. Expect more. Contact David Glatthorn today. Call 800-990-9394 and schedule a free case evaluation.

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