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Florida Reckless Driving Accident Lawyer David J. Glatthorn Demands Justice

Reckless drivers unnecessarily put other motorists and passengers at risk. Just because someone is in a rush doesn't give them the excuse to weave in and out of traffic at a high rate of speed. The same goes for tail gaiting and other forms of aggressive driving. Our roads belong to all of us, not a handful of irresponsible drivers who put everyone in danger.

That's why West Palm Beach reckless driving lawyer David Glatthorn works tirelessly for victims of reckless driving accidents. He has seen firsthand the effects of such irresponsible behavior in Florida. And he believes such drivers must be held accountable for their actions.

A Board Certified trial lawyer with more than 30 years of experience, attorney Glatthorn has dedicated his career towards fighting for the rights of victims of reckless driving car accidents. And don't just take his word for it. Read the testimonials from some of the many satisfied clients attorney Glatthorn has helped over the years.

Reckless driving takes many forms in West Palm Beach. Contact us. We can help

Building a strong case against a reckless driver can often be extremely difficult. Such drivers often deny any wrongdoing. They may even try to blame the accident on you. Attorney Glatthorn knows exactly how to handle such cases. He knows what information to look for and how to use those facts to get clients the compensation they rightfully deserve.

Discovering the causes of car accidents - one of the many things that attorney Glatthorn does well. Discover for yourself. Contact David Glatthorn today. Call 800-990-9394 and schedule a free case evaluation.

Attorney David Glatthorn - a hard-working, no-nonsense, results-driven lawyer.