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August Is The Most Dangerous Month for Motorists: Stay Safe With Driving Tips

According to Your4State, August is historically the deadliest month to drive. Both AAA Mid-Atlantic and the American Safety Council agree that August is an especially dangerous time for motorists, with four separate days throughout the month considered to be among the deadliest days of the year.

Our West Palm Beach accident lawyers urge motorists to be especially careful during this high-risk time. While you are always at risk of other drivers doing dangerous things on the road, you can reduce your own chances of being hurt or killed in a crash by making smart choices behind the wheel.

Why is August so Deadly?

While many might believe that the winter is the most dangerous time for car wrecks due to bad weather, the reality is that the summer is historically the time when the most wrecks occur. During the summer, teens are off from school and may spend more time driving unsupervised. People may also be more likely to go on road trips and driving vacations or to take their cars out for fun summer adventures. Finally, there are also numerous holidays in the summer that are prime drinking days, including Memorial Day, the Fourth of July and Labor Day.

With so much going on in the summer, it is easy to explain why August is historically the worst month for car accidents with July following closely behind. August has four of the deadliest days - the third, the fourth, the sixth and the 12th - while July is a close second with three of the 10 deadliest days of the year.

August may be the most dangerous month amid the high-risk summer time because people are scrambling to get their back-to-school tasks taken care of and because people are trying to fit in last minute vacations before the warm weather ends and kids return to school. As such, there may be even more drivers out-and-about during this time. With more people on the roads, it just makes sense that there would be a higher number of wrecks and a greater accident risk.

How to Stay Safe

While August is a dangerous time, there are things you can do to try to reduce the chances of becoming involved in a wreck. For example, to have the best chance of getting through the month without a car accident injury:

  • Drive assertively, paying attention to what other motorists around you are doing.
  • Avoid tailgating or following too closely behind another motorist so you have room to stop if something goes wrong.
  • Always wear your seat belt whenever you are in the car.
  • If you have teens, limit the number of passengers they drive with and talk to them about safe driving.
  • Avoid high-risk behaviors such as driving drunk, using a cell phone or otherwise driving distracted, or driving while fatigued.

By keeping these tips in mind, hopefully you can get through August safely despite the fact that it is such a dangerous month for motorists.

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