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Passenger Injuries in Florida Car Accidents are Leading Cause of Death for Kids

West Palm Beach auto accident attorneyA recent tragic accident caused serious injuries to two children and two adults from West Palm Beach.  The devastating accident was reported by 9 News, which indicated the crash had likely been caused by the driver of a gravel truck. The truck driver is now facing 15 separate criminal charges in connection with the accident. The two children who sustained passenger injuries in the traffic collision were just five and eight years old.

The accident occurred when the driver of a gravel truck hit a Chevy Malibu, which had slowed down for traffic. The Chevy went into a tailspin due to the force of impact from the truck. The gravel truck then smashed into a Toyota. The injuries which the children sustained were described as serious. State police believe the driver of the gravel truck was distracted when he hit the vehicle. The gravel truck driver had been previously involved in two separate crashes, and he had allegedly been driving with no license for one of those past truck accidents.

Hopefully, as the case moves forward against the trucker, the children will recover from their injuries and be able to move on as well. All too often, kids lose their lives due to passenger injuries in auto accidents. While parents can try to protect their children by using car seats and other safety equipment, the developing bodies of young children are sadly unable to withstand crash impacts in many cases.

The Risk of Passenger Injuries to Children in Auto Accidents 

Both kids and adults can be hurt as passengers in a car accident, especially if the accident involves a truck which causes a much greater force and impact. Kids are particularly vulnerable to injury and death in auto accidents.

Many troubling studies have shown the tremendous risks kids face in car accidents. For example:

  • The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration warns that kids under the age of one have the highest rates of head injuries, the highest rates of thoracic injuries and the highest risk of rib fractures in car accidents.
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported 602 children 12 and under were killed in car accidents in 2014, and another 121,350 sustained passenger injuries in car accidents. CDC also indicated automobile accidents are one of the leading causes of death for young people.

Because kids cannot drive, they are dependent upon others to ensure their safety in the car. Parents are required by law to make sure kids are buckled up and/or in an age-appropriate car seat. Unfortunately, these measures cannot always protect children from passenger injury in serious collisions.

When kids are hurt in car accidents, they aren't old enough to pursue a civil claim on their own. Parents need to understand the process of taking legal action to obtain compensation for injuries which have been sustained by child passengers in auto accidents.

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