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Putting a Price Tag on Reducing West Palm Beach Rear-End Accidents

West Palm Beach auto accident attorneyThe prevention of rear-end collisions is a very important goal. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has reported that around a third of collisions in 2013 were rear-end accidents and that in a large number of these collisions, the driver of the rear vehicle either did not get to fully brake or did not even attempt to brake before the accident happened. Drivers throughout Palm Beach County including Wellington, City Park  and all of South Florida are among those at risk of these types of accidents, which frequently happen when drivers don't pay attention behind the wheel.

A personal injury lawyer knows that in-vehicle technologies could help to solve these problems. Recently, the Washington Post took a close look at how well these technologies work and at how much it would cost to install these technologies in vehicles in order to make the roads safer.

Evaluating the Costs and Benefits of Rear-end Accident Prevention

Rear-end accident prevention systems generally involve using technologies to sense when the car is about to collide with something. For example, radar systems and cameras could work in conjunction or independently to determine when a crash is imminent. The systems can then warn the driver of the impending crash so the driver can brake. If the driver does not hit the brakes, the car could apply the brakes automatically.

These technologies are currently available and well-developed today and they have already been shown to have an impact. Among the 2015 vehicle models, around 27 percent can be bought with automatic braking systems installed to help prevent rear-end collisions. In Volvos, rear-end collision prevention systems have been a standard offering since as far back as 2008.

When studied, the technologies have both reduced the number of accidents and lessened the severity of the rear-end crashes that do occur. When Volvo began to include the rear-end accident prevention system as a standard offering in its vehicles, drivers of the Volvo CX60 had 20 percent fewer motor vehicle collision claims compared with drivers of similar cars that didn't have automatic braking systems installed in them.

Another study conducted by the 2014 Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found an overall four percent decline in collision claims. However, there was a 40 percent reduction in bodily injury liability claims. This means that when crashes do happen, there are fewer injuries because either the car or the driver is able to brake and slow down the progress of the vehicle. This lessens the impact and reduces the severity of the collision.

So, why aren't the technologies in all cars? One big reason is cost. A Carnegie Mellon professor interviewed by the Post suggested that the parts to install automatic braking technologies and other rear-end crash prevention features is around $700 to $800. To get these systems actually installed, however consumers could expect to pay around $2,000 to $3,000 more for their cars because of markup. Still, the added up front cost could be offset later by reduced insurance premiums and a reduced chance of collision costs.

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