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West Palm Beach Crashes Spurred by "Buzzed Driving"

West Palm Beach auto accident attorneyThe fall season is a dangerous time for motorists and pedestrians for many reasons. From an increased risk of pedestrian accidents on Halloween to the dangers of early darkness brought by an end to daylight-saving time to more people traveling over Thanksgiving and Christmas, there are some significant challenges for road safety.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently released a safety alert on some of the issues facing drivers. In addition to addressing the fall holidays and time change, the NHTSA also included a very important reminder for motorists: Buzzed driving is drunk driving.

An accident lawyer knows more than 10,000 people die in accidents involving drunk drivers each year. Unfortunately, many people don't really know how much they can actually drink before it becomes unsafe for them to drive.

The problem is exacerbated by the fact that once you have a drink or two, your judgment is impaired, and you may think you are OK to drive when you really are not.

Buzzed Driving is Dangerous Drunk Driving

The legal limit is set at a blood-alcohol concentration of .08 percent, but the National Transportation Safety Board suggests the limit should be lowered to .05 percent because a driver may be significantly impaired already by the time he or she reach the legal threshold of intoxication.

Even having a drink or two could may cause a person to be unable to make smart choices about operating a vehicle.

For example, Business Insider summarized some of the different amounts that a person can drink based on gender and weight. A 100-pound man who had a single drink would have a BAC of .04 percent, and a woman would have a BAC of .05 percent, which would already put her over the proposed lower limit. A 100-pound man would be over the current legal limit after two drinks, and a 180-pound man would take three drinks to get to a BAC of .09 percent. The chart provided by Business Insider clearly shows one needn't drink much before intoxication begins to impact one's ability to make safe choices behind the wheel.

The Daily Mail suggests it can be complicated to determine how much is actually OK for you to drink because gender and age aren't necessarily perfect predictors. Other factors like how frequently you drink can also make a difference. One example researchers noted was that of a thin dancer who consumed twice the level of alcohol of a woman who was much heavier than her before her ability to drive safely was affected.

But the pendulum swings the other way as well, meaning larger people may become intoxicated faster than they realize. That's why impairment charts matching drinks to pounds shouldn't be a go-to predictor of intoxication.

Young Men's Health warns once you have had a drink, you may not be capable of making good choices. This means you need to plan ahead to avoid drinking and driving before you start consuming alcohol.

If you plan to drink anything at all, it is better to be safe by avoiding even the chance of causing a drunk driving collision. Have a designated driver or another plan to get home that doesn't involve driving.

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