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My son was in a Boca Raton car crash. He seems to be fine, but the doctor says that he could have a brain injury. What are the signs that I should watch for?

A: The doctor is right. Boca Raton car accidents can cause serious brain injuries, even if the victim seems to be fine immediately after the accident. Brain injuries can be serious even when there is no loss of consciousness and even when the head wasn't hit. How does one suffer a brain injury in a...

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I’ve always wanted a motorcycle but never got one. Now I’m in my sixties. How old is too old for a motorcycle?

A: It depends. There are plenty of people who enjoy motorcycles in their 60s, 70s or even 80s. In fact, the average age of motorcyclists has steadily increased. In 1998, the average motorcyclist was 33. In 2003, it was 40. Now, the average age of an American Motorcyclist Association member is 48. But there are...

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I was reaching for a package of pretzels at a warehouse store when a box on a higher shelf fell down and hit me. I suffered a concussion and hurt my neck. The store manager said that I should have asked for help getting the pretzels, but it seems that I should be able to do my shopping without getting hurt. Do I have a Florida premises liability claim?

A: Yes, you should be able to do your shopping without risking injury. Warehouse stores like Costco and Sam's Club have a legal obligation or duty of care to ensure that their customers are safe while engaged in normal shopping activities. This doesn't mean you can safely climb to a high shelf and remove a...

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My eight-year-old son slipped and fell on a wet floor while we were shopping at a warehouse store in West Palm Beach. He broke his arm and suffered a concussion. There were no signs to let us know the floor had been mopped. Can we ask the store to help pay the medical bills for his slip and fall injury?

A: Property owners have a duty to warn visitors of possible dangers. When there is a spill in a store, it is common practice to post warning signs until the spill is cleaned up and the wet area is dry. If a customer ignores the posted warnings and walks in a wet area, he makes...

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Who is eligible to file a Florida wrongful death claim?

A: The simple answer is that only the Personal Representative of a decedent's estate is eligible to pursue a wrongful death claim. A Personal Representative can be designated by a decedent's will or appointed by the probate court. The Personal Representative brings the wrongful death claim on behalf of all the survivors of the decedent. Who are eligible survivors is strictly defined by...

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What is a "wrongful death"?

A: A "wrongful death" is when someone is killed by the negligent (and sometimes intentional) act of another. Wrongful death is a civil action although the same act may result in criminal charges. Although wrongful death actions are often the result of auto crashes, if medical malpractice, nursing home abuse or negligent security results in...

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What is the difference between a survival claim and a wrongful death claim in Florida? Which should I pursue?

A: If a family loses a loved one because of the negligence, recklessness, or wrongful behavior of another person or entity, that family has the right to pursue a Florida wrongful death claim in order to collect damages for their loss. These damages can include mental pain and anguish over the loss, the loss of...

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My husband died in a Palm Beach car crash. The accident was caused by another driver, and my friend says that I should file a wrongful death claim. Can a car accident be a cause of wrongful death?

A: The term wrongful death refers to any death caused by the wrongful behavior or negligence of another person or entity. In the event of a wrongful death, the surviving family members may file a Florida wrongful death lawsuit against the person, company or agency responsible for the death. Wrongful death lawsuits can help a...

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What is a survival action, and what does a survival action mean to my Florida wrongful death claim?

A: A wrongful death claim focuses on the loss a family experiences when a loved one dies because of the negligence or wrongdoing of another person, business or organization. A Florida survival action focuses on damages that the victim would have been entitled to if he or she had survived the accident. For example, if...

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My child was injured in a Florida school bus accident. Do I need a Palm Beach auto accident attorney?

A: An average of 17,000 children are injured each year in school bus related accidents. Some of these accidents occur when the bus crashes into another vehicle, but many occur when children are waiting at the bus stop or getting on or off the bus. According to Palm Beach auto accident attorney David Glatthorn, there are many...

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