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I was injured in a Florida commercial truck accident. The driver was taking a prescription medication that made him drowsy. Do I have a case?

A: Like most Americans, many commercial truck drivers use prescription or over-the-counter drugs on a daily basis. However, when these legal drugs have side effects that can impair a truck driver's ability to safely operate his vehicle, there can be tragic consequences. One-quarter of Palm Beach truck accidents involve a driver under the influence of...

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I was injured in a West Palm Beach 18-wheeler crash. Since my accident, I have gotten several calls from the trucking company and their insurance company. What is the best way to handle these calls?

A: Handling those phone calls on your own could cost your Florida trucking accident injury claim. The truck companies and their insurance agents are working hard to reduce their liability, so your best strategy is to consult with a West Palm Beach 18-wheeler injury attorney immediately. The trucking accident injury lawyer will be able to handle your...

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I was in a Boca Raton car wreck a few weeks ago. Since then I have had problems with blurred vision, dizziness, and headaches. Could the car crash have affected my eyes?

A: Yes. Your symptoms may be due to optic nerve damage.  The optic nerve carries information from the eye to the brain. Damage to the optic nerve can affect the way you see and the way your brain processes that information. Optic nerve damage is usually caused by a traumatic brain injury. Brain injuries are...

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My car was damaged in a West Palm Beach hit-and-run accident. What do I need to file my insurance claim?

A: A hit-and-run accident occurs when the driver who causes a West Palm Beach car crash leaves the scene of the accident. Since Florida is a no-fault state, you will still be able to collect insurance compensation for your injuries and property damage. However, you will have to prove to your insurance company that an...

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I suffered extensive injuries to my face after a Boca Raton car accident. I am left with quite a bit of facial scarring. Who pays for the plastic surgery expenses for facial scars resulting from a Florida car accident injury?

A: When a Boca Raton car accident causes a significant injury to the face, the healing process can leave scars. Lauren Bacall said, "I think your whole life shows in your face and you should be proud of that." But it can be hard to deal with the world when your face shows a record...

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I was injured when a delivery truck sideswiped my car on I-95. How long should I wait to contact a Boca Raton truck accident lawyer?

A: Boca Raton personal injury lawyer David Glatthorn suggests that you contact an attorney immediately. If you wait too long, your accident lawyer may not be able to gather the evidence needed to win your case, even if the truck driver is clearly at fault. Trucking companies are businesses, and their main concern is profits. Trucking...

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I was attacked in a West Palm Beach shopping mall parking lot. Not only did I lose my purse, but I also sustained a broken arm and other injuries. Can I sue the mall owners for my medical bills?

A: It depends on the circumstances of the attack. In most cases, the owners of a business are responsible for making sure that visitors are safe while on their property. Reasonable security measures for a shopping mall would include adequate lighting and security guards. If crimes are a regular occurrence in the area, the mall owners...

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If I am injured in a store in West Palm Beach, is the store automatically liable for my injuries?

A: The answer to your question depends on what caused your injury. Simply because an injury occurred in a store doesn't make the store liable. But, it may be. There must be a valid reason why you were at the store. Florida premises liability law recognizes three types of visitors: Invitees - Invitees are people who are...

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