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Why are West Palm Beach truck accidents so dangerous?

West Palm Beach truck accidents cause truly horrific injuries and fatalities every year. Policy makers (rightly) obsess over how to compel truckers to drive more safely, avoid ingesting drugs (especially methamphetamines), and pay mindful attention to cars and other vehicles in the road. But even with optimal preventative mechanisms in place, truck accidents would still...

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Although Golf Cart Injures Are Increasing, Finding Insurance Coverage Can Require the Help of an Experienced Florida Injury Attorney

Golf Cart Injuries Are Increasing Golf cart injuries used to be confined largely to golf courses. Not any more. Only about half of golf cart injuries occur on courses now. The use of these vehicles around adult communities, golf course communities and higher price gated communities have increased so much, that up to half of...

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What’s In Your Wallet? A Palm Beach Accident Attorney Discusses Emergency Medical Information

Most people believe it is important to be prepared for an emergency; yet nine out of ten Americans do not carry emergency information in their wallets or cell phones. Without emergency information, there may be delays informing your family or getting proper medical treatment if you are ever injured in a West Palm Beach car...

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Hurricane Safety: Hurricane Driving Tips from Boca Raton Accident Attorney David Glatthorn

While hurricane season officially started in June, hurricanes peak from mid-August to late October. Katrina, Andrew, and Irene all occurred in this time period. We just had Isaac, which cause more than 70 car accidents when it hit Louisiana, and we probably aren't done for the year. To help you stay safe, here are some...

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How Can Families Seek Accountability for Drunk-Driving Accidents in Florida?

In 2009, Florida ranked third in the nation for drunk-driving deaths. That year, 770 Floridians lost their lives to drunk drivers, and about one-third of fatal crashes in Florida involved alcohol-impaired driving. Alcohol slows response time, affects coordination, impairs judgment, and lowers inhibitions. When an intoxicated driver chooses to get behind the wheel, he puts...

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Florida Distracted Driving: NHTSA Study Finds More People are Texting

Is texting while driving safe? Most people believe it isn't and that driver distraction is a significant danger. Are you a safe driver while texting? While most people believe texting behind the wheel is dangerous, they also believe that it does not affect their own driving performance. West Palm Beach accident lawyer David Glatthorn explains....

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