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Tips on how to prevent drowsy driving driving car accidents

There is no safe way to drive when you're tired. Drowsy drivers kill nearly 800 people and cause an estimated 91,000 crashes across the U.S. each year. Research has shown that people who go 17-19 consecutive hours without sleep are even more impaired when driving than people with a blood alcohol concentration level of 0.05...

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What are the most common injuries from rear-end car accidents?

On average, there are about 1.7 million rear-end collisions each year across the United States, making them one of the most common types of car crash. Rear-end collisions are often the result of speeding, inattentive driving or reckless driving. They tend to occur at regulated intersections or during traffic jams on major roads. Common rear-end...

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AAA study: Many admit to engaging in dangerous driving behaviors

Drivers often give in to the urge to engage in distracted driving, speeding or driving impaired. For some drivers, these are only isolated incidents. For others, these behaviors are habitual. Researchers from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety delved into the habits of drivers who had recently been involved in crashes, in contrast with those who...

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Will infrastructural improvements make West Palm Beach safer?

Some sections of West Palm Beach have had a history of serious and fatal crashes. One road that has gained the attention of safety advocates is Broadway. According to the Palm Beach Post, many of the crashes that occur on Broadway involve pedestrians, bicyclists, and drivers making left turns. Engineers seek to make Broadway safer West...

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Best ideas to prevent motorcycle crashes on Florida roads

Spring is here and many riders in Florida are taking out their motorcycles and hitting the open road. Riding a motorcycle takes a considerable amount of skill in order to prevent a serious crash. That's because motorcyclists are much more likely to be injured or killed in a crash than someone who drives a car...

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GHSA report: 2019 pedestrian fatalities bad news for Florida

There is no type of road user in Florida more vulnerable than pedestrians. Every day, they navigate roadway infrastructures designed to accommodate cars and risk their lives crossing the street. While cars have become safer for motorist, they have become increasingly dangerous for pedestrians. Pedestrians are at risk of sustaining: Traumatic brain injuries Broken bones...

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How common are facial injuries in Florida car accidents?

Facial injuries caused by car accidents can result in serious physical pain, emotional trauma, and disability, in some cases. In frontal collisions or head-on collisions, drivers are at risk of slamming their faces on the steering wheel or dashboard. Even if an airbag deploys, the impact of a crash can still result in trauma and...

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Large vehicles pose a danger to pedestrians and bicyclists

It probably won’t matter in terms of the integrity of your head, bones and internal organs if the Hummer that crashes into you is helping to save the planet by running on electricity. The minimal positive impact of an electrified Hummer is eclipsed by how deadly such a large vehicle can be for pedestrians, according to...

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