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AAA warns that pedestrian detection systems fail when needed most

Emergency braking systems in cars that are intended to detect, and stop for, pedestrians, don’t always work the way they're designed to. AAA found pedestrian detection systems often fail when needed, and the inconsistency worsens at night. What is the emergency braking system in most vehicles actually designed to do? Cars with these systems use cameras, radar...

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Large commercial trucks pose threat to neighborhood residents

We see large commercial trucks on greater West Palm Beach highways and major roads. When truck drivers and trucking companies operate responsibly, large commercial vehicles don't typically pose a danger to other road users. Large trucks can pose a threat to the public when operated in areas where they aren't infrastructurally suitable, of course. For...

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New Research: Fatal Crashes Caused by Red Light Runners are on the Rise

Speeding, recklessness, and distracted driving are common reasons why drivers run red lights. In 2018, we discussed crash data showing the crashes involving red light runners were rising at an alarming rate. There were a total of 811 deaths related to red light runners in 2016. Recent research conducted by the AAA Foundation for Traffic...

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Warning: Protected Bicycle Lanes May Not Be as Safe as You Think

In recent years, bicycling has become more popular in many cities across the United States, including West Palm Beach. Many people enjoy the health, environmental, and economic benefits of ditching the car and getting around by bike. With this growing popularity comes growing safety concerns. While bicyclist deaths only account for roughly two percent of...

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West Palm Beach Attorney: 2019 Florida Crash Data Not Looking Good

Earlier this year, the Advocates for Highway & Auto Safety ranked Florida among the most unsafe states for driving, particularly due to its lack of essential traffic safety laws. Our state currently has no laws enforcing: Primary enforcement rear seatbelt All-rider motorcycle helmet requirement Rear-facing seats for children under two Booster seats Minimum age of...

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Is there a solution to West Palm Beach's high rate of pedestrian accidents?

With the emergence of vehicle safety technology and reiterated cautionary slogans, you would think the roads in West Palm Beach would be safer. But that is not the case, especially among pedestrians. So what is driving the unusually high rate of traffic crashes (many of which are fatal)? One particular incident recently raised safety concerns...

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West Palm Beach Attorney on Best Ideas to Avoid Speed-Related Crashes

Speeding is a leading factor in Florida crashes. It can amplify the likelihood of a devastating or fatal accident, especially when distraction, impairment or other factors are involved. The reasons why drivers speed varies. Some may simply be in a rush to get somewhere. For others, it’s a habit they engage in without realizing they’re...

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The Best Ideas to Avoid ‘Dooring’ Crashes with Bicyclists

Changing how you open the car door could save a bicyclist’s life.  Rideshare provider Uber is urging passengers to use a technique practiced in other countries to check for bike-riders before opening doors.  A door-opening pause can avoid springing an obstacle into the path of a bicyclist, who a second earlier was facing an open...

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Florida police can stop drivers for texting under new law

Thousands of traffic deaths and distracted-driving crashes later, Florida has joined most states by enacting a new law that strengthens penalties for texting while driving. The measure that Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis signed into law in May permits police to stop drivers simply for texting alone, the Naples Daily News reported in an Associated Press...

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