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Can You Prepare For A West Palm Beach Car Accident? Here Are Five Tips From A West Palm Beach Personal Injury Attorney.

If you have never had an accident, you may not realize the kind of impact that a serious Florida car accident can have on your life. Not only does a Palm Beach accident victim suffer painful physical injuries, but he must also often deal with serious financial setbacks. An accident can leave you unable to work for an extended period of time; however, it can also leave you with mounting medical and car repair bills.

No one knows if or when they will become an accident victim, but West Palm Beach personal injury attorney David Glatthorn says there are things that you can do ahead of time to prepare. Here are five things you can do to reduce injury and financial loss after a Palm Beach car crash.

  • Know your insurance coverage and make sure you have enough. Periodically review your auto insurance coverage and deductibles. This way, you'll have a good idea which parts of your vehicle are covered and for how much. If you have an auto loan or lease, you may want additional insurance so you are not left making payments on a totaled car.


  • Create a post-accident checklist. West Palm Beach accident attorney David Glatthorn has created a sample checklist in his blog post "Car Accident Checklist For Palm Beach Accident Victims."


  • Put a disposable camera in your car. Many accident claims come down to one driver's word against the others. Taking pictures of the accident scene can provide evidence that will strengthen your Florida injury claim.


  • Keep your car clean and clutter-free. During a car crash any possessions in your car will be thrown around the cabin. Even a flying tissue box can cause serious injury at 60 miles per hour. But, leave an empty duffle bag. This will give you somewhere to put your possessions if an accident does happen.


  • Never allow anyone under 5 feet tall to ride in a front seat. Airbags can cause serious injury to children under 12 and to short adults.


  • Request a copy of West Palm Beach personal injury attorney David Glatthorn's book, The Florida Accident Workbook: Tools, Tips & Tactics to Resolve Your Injury Claim. This book will tell you what you can do immediately after a crash to protect your Florida accident claim.


If you are ever injured in a Palm Beach car accident and need help, contact David Glatthorn at 888-340-2620. The initial consultation is always free.

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