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The Black Box in Your Car: Can an Event Data Controller Save Your Florida Accident Claim?

You've heard of black boxes in airplanes, but did you know that your own car may also have a black box? Toyota and other car manufacturers started installing event data recorders in new motor vehicles before the model year 2000. Now these devices are present in almost all new cars. The data in these black boxes can make or break your West Palm Beach car accident case.
Block boxes were originally installed so auto manufacturers could learn about the forces that cause air bags to deploy. Now they are part of the computer systems that control modern vehicles. They continuously record data including the speed of the vehicle, the engine rpm, whether the brake or accelerator is being used, the direction of steering, and which occupants are wearing a seat belt. In most cases, the data is recorded, but not saved. But, if the airbag deploys, the data is saved to the device's memory. The data is supposed to be used to improve car safety. But, if you are ever injured in a West Palm Beach car crash, the police or insurance company investigator may use your black box device to determine who was at fault for the accident. Anyone with a court order can access the device. In fact, there are companies that use this information to reconstruct what occurred at a Florida accident scene.
If you have been injured in a West Palm Beach motor vehicle accident, this data can either support or undermine your insurance claim. Suppose the driver who hit you ran a red light, but is denying any wrongdoing. In the past, West Palm Beach auto accident lawyers relied on impartial witnesses and the accident scene in order to learn the whole story. Now they can get additional information from the driver's car. The black box can show whether the driver's vehicle was in motion at the time the light turned red or if the driver was speeding or weaving from lane to lane.
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