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New Florida PIP Coverage Laws: Helping Insurance Companies; Hurting Car Accident Injury Victims

This week, the Florida automobile insurers submitted their rate filings for the first time after the passage of the new Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance coverage laws. Although lawmakers were led to believe that these car insurance reforms would significantly lower rates for PIP coverage and eliminate fraud, the filings coming in from insurance companies show that many still had an overall increase in rates-with one company even submitting a 23.6 percent increase.

If the new PIP coverage laws didn't secure lower insurance premiums, what did they do? Unfortunately for drivers, many of the changes seem to make it harder for car accident injury victims to secure the compensation they deserve after a crash while making it significantly easier for insurance companies to continue to collect money from policyholders without having to pay out as much on claims.

Here's how the new PIP insurance laws could affect you if you are involved in a Florida car accident or injury:

  • You will have to fight for your full $10,000 in coverage. Before the laws, all FL drivers were required to carry $10,000 in PIP insurance. If you were in a crash, the insurance company would pay out up to $10,000 in damages, including medical treatments and lost wages. Now, the insurance company will only be required to pay $2,500. To get the other $7,500, you have to jump through a number of hoops-possibly including proving medical emergencies, only going to see certain doctors, and subjecting yourself to insurance company interrogations.
  • Your healthcare will be more controlled by your insurance company than by your doctor. After a car accident, we believe that your doctor knows best what treatment you need. But with the new PIP laws, the insurance company will have more say over what treatments are covered and which aren't. For example, the insurance companies will now only cover an "Emergency Medical Condition" over $2,500, to be determined by a medical professional that they choose, not you. In addition, they will limit their coverage of certain therapies, like chiropractic work or massage therapy.
  • Your benefits may be delayed up to 60 extra days. One of the insurance company's best tricks is to delay payments. With the new PIP laws, they now have permission to hold the money you need for an extra two months while they investigate possible fraud.

If you have been injured in a Florida car accident, be aware that you now only have two weeks to seek medical attention-and that your insurance company might fight you every step of the way if you seek your full $10,000 in benefits. At David Glatthorn Law, we can make certain that you do everything possible to secure the benefits you deserve, both from your insurance company and from the party that caused your crash. Call us today at 866-413-5525.

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