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A Boca Raton Injury Lawyer’s Guide to Avoiding Tow Truck Scams in South Florida

When a reckless driver injures you, you become a Florida accident victim. Unfortunately, many Florida accident victims also become crime victims. Unscrupulous tow truck drivers take advantage of accident victims, leaving them with thousands of dollars in excessive charges for the towing, storage and repair of damaged cars.

Follow these tips from Boca Raton injury lawyer David Glatthorn to avoid being victimized twice:

  1. If your car is disabled in a Boca Raton car crash, request that a police officer come to the scene.
  2. Ask the police officer handle the towing arrangements for your vehicle. Towing services must charge a preset fee when called by police. Never use a towing service that just happens to arrive at the scene. You could end up paying up to ten times the normal cost.
  3. If you must call your own tow truck, call your insurance company or roadside assistance program first. Ask the agent to recommend a reputable towing service.
  4. If a tow truck arrives at the scene before the police arrive, do not sign any forms. The driver may try to pressure you, but tell him that you want the police to arrange for towing.
  5. Make sure you know the cost of the tow. Find out if there will be additional fees for storage or administrative costs. Ask to see all charges in writing before your car is towed.
  6. Make sure the company name on the paperwork matches the name on the tow truck. If there is no company name on the truck, ask to see company identification.
  7. Do not sign any paperwork given to you by the tow truck driver, even if the police officer orders that your vehicle to be towed. The officer should take care of the paperwork.
  8. If you must sign the form, sign by each amount before signing the bottom.
  9. Ask for a damage report before your car is towed. Be suspicious if the driver refuses.
  10. Keep a copy of all paperwork.
  11. Remove any personal belongings including your vehicle registration before your vehicle is towed.
  12. Do not give your insurance information to the tow truck operator.
  13. Do not tell the tow truck driver who holds the lien on your vehicle.
  14. Insist that the vehicle be taken to the repair shop of your choice, or to your home if you haven't chosen a shop. Refuse the tow if the driver insists that you use his repair shop.
  15. Talk to officer at the scene if you have any questions or if something doesn't seem right.

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