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April Is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month: Palm Beach Car Crash Lawyer Urges Parents To Talk To Teens

April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Palm Beach car crash lawyer David Glatthorn would like to use this opportunity to remind parents that cell phones are a leading distraction on Florida roadways, and teens are more likely than older drivers to be driving while distracted. Eleven percent of all fatal accidents involve distracted driving, but for teens, that percentage increases to 16 percent.

Not convinced that distracted driving is a danger to your teen? A recent study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that eighty percent of teens may be using a cell phone while behind the wheel. The report, Distracted Driving Among Newly Licensed Teen Drivers, was published in March.

Researchers at the UNC Highway Safety Research Center placed cameras in the cars of 52 young drivers. Each driver was filmed for 6 months. The clips were then analyzed for signs of distracted driving.
What did the researchers find?

Eighty percent of the teens participating in the study used a handheld cell phone while driving. Many were texting. Only nine teens never used an electronic device. But the surprise was that parents were also using the phone while driving. Girls were more likely than boys to use a cell phone while driving, and teens whose parents used cell phones were more likely to drive while distracted.

Palm Beach car crash lawyer David Glatthorn has seen many Florida accidents caused by driver distraction. He urges parents to talk to their teens about distracted driving and to set a good example by not using a cell phone to talk or to text while behind the wheel.

It takes an average of 4.6 seconds to read or send a text message, but a few seconds is all it takes to cause a Florida distracted driving car crash. When a dangerous situation occurs, a driver has four to six seconds to prevent an accident. Drivers who are texting are 23 times more likely to crash than drivers who are not.

In addition, West Palm Beach distracted driving crashes are more likely than other crashes to result in serious injury. An undistracted driver will apply the brakes and slow down before impact. Distracted drivers have no time to slow down. Florida distracted driving accidents often result in fatalities or traumatic injuries to the brain and spine.

If you or your child is injured by a distracted driver in Florida, you need information about your rights. Request a free copy of The Florida Accident Workbook: Tools, Tips & Tactics to Resolve Your Injury Claim, or contact West Palm Beach accident attorney David Glatthorn at 888-340-2620.

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