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Panicked after a West Palm Beach car accident? Avoid poor decisions.

A terrifying West Palm Beach car accident has sent you or your loved one to the hospital and has caused significant damage to your automobile. You've dealt with the immediate medical crisis, but now you face stark and important decisions. What should you tell your insurance company? Who should you talk to about the accident? What should you say? What evidence or information from the scene should you gather to maximize your chances of building a legal case to seek compensation? What standards should you use in selecting the right lawyer for you?


These are all critical questions. You can feel panicked, scared, and overwhelmed right now. And you might not take the time to think through your answers or get the help you need.


You will be conflicted. You know you need to act - and fast. But you also know that, if you act rashly, you could hurt your chances of building a good case. For instance:


  • You might make statements to your insurance company or the insurance company representing the driver who hit you that diminish your case;
  • You might fail to write down witness statements or even your own firsthand account of the disaster;
  • You might neglect to get a police record, collect relevant medical paperwork, or take pictures of the damage to your car or to your body.


All this while dealing with the pain and disability from your own injuries or those of a loved one.


You can feel alone or confused by all of the well meaning advice you may get from family and friends.


NO NEED TO DO THIS ALONE               


West Palm Beach car accident lawyer, DAVID GLATTHORN, and his experienced staff can handle the multiple problems injuries can present.  We will help you  understand your rights and options, explain the law, organize bills, medical treatmentand negotiate with insurance companies so you can concentrate on recovery.  Call DAVID GLATTHORN today at 561-659-1999 or explore more West Palm Beach car accident resources here.


At David Glatthorn Law, we can help you analyze the root causes of your panic and address them systematically, carefully, and soundly (legally speaking). With over three decades of experience, David Glatthorn has many resources and fantastic relationships with people in the West Palm Beach area who can help you, treat you, and give you information and advice to make your situation less scary and more manageable. Connect with him today at (888) 340-2620, or explore more West Palm Beach car accident resources here.

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Since 1980, Attorney David Glatthorn has been serving the residents of West Palm Beach. He works in many areas of personal injury law, including car accidents, slip and fall injuries, workplace injuries and many others. Attorney Glatthorn is known for his dedication and experience. If you were injured due to another person's negligence, call David Glatthorn Law today.

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