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West Palm Beach Slip and Fall Accident: The Benefits of Acting IMMEDIATELY to Gather Evidence

Far too many West Palm Beach slip and fall accident victims wait too long to investigate and protect their legal rights. As a result, they have a difficult - if not impossible - time building a compelling case that a person or a company (e.g. a restaurant or a business) failed in their "duty of care" and, thus, created conditions that led to injury or illness.

In other words, victims and their families often are so frustrated and anguished by the injury or incident that they fail to immediately preserve evidence, collect witness names or take pictures. Once their West Palm Beach injury attorney (or another party) suggests collecting this information, it may be too late:

  • A shift worker might have cleaned up the puddle you slipped on;
  • A manager might have had the broken step that you tripped on fixed and repaired;
  • A witness who saw you fall may have disappeared, forgotten what happened, misremembered or forgotten key details;
  • A surveillance tape may be taped over.

The solution is to collect information immediately - or as soon as possible - to preserve your legal options.

Here are some tips:

  • If you are too hurt or sick to act, deputize one other person (not a whole bunch of people, but one person, specifically) to get information for you;
  • Take pictures of where you fell. Use a cell phone camera if you don't have a "real" camera;
  • Get the names and phone numbers of any witnesses;
  • As soon as you can, write down your own account of the experience;
  • Collect and preserve medical records, police documents and any other paperwork;
  • Avoid making statements to the effect of "It was my fault. I should have watched where I was walking." (Such statements are the result of immediate embarrassment. I've never seen a grocery store with a sign, "Watch where you're stepping!")
  • Connect as quickly as possible with an experienced West Palm Beach County slip and fall attorney.

Attorney David J. Glatthorn will be happy to discuss your needs, concerns and questions about your West Palm Beach County slip and fall. Connect with him now at (888) 340-2620 or via the quick contact form at the top of this page.


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