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Why are West Palm Beach truck accidents so dangerous?

West Palm Beach truck accidents cause truly horrific injuries and fatalities every year. Policy makers (rightly) obsess over how to compel truckers to drive more safely, avoid ingesting drugs (especially methamphetamines), and pay mindful attention to cars and other vehicles in the road.

But even with optimal preventative mechanisms in place, truck accidents would still be horrific and deadly for reasons that have nothing to do with driver behavior.

The cause? The laws of physics themselves.

If you took high school physics, you might recall a famous equation: F=MA. This equation describes the definition of force, which equals an object's mass multiplied by its acceleration (change in velocity). In other words, when a massive object changes speed rapidly, it exerts a large force. This is obvious, if you've ever thrown a large rock off a tall cliff or building.

Another way of thinking about this is:

Force = Mass X Change in an Object's Momentum

The faster the vehicle's change of speed in a crash (deceleration) and the bigger its mass, the more force it will exert. And the more force a vehicle like a truck exerts on you or your car, the more damage will be done. The end result? A totaled automobile, broken bones, lacerations, and worse.

Most vehicle safety mechanisms - airbags, seat belts, chassis designed to buckle under heavy stress - are built to protect you from this F=MA equation. They all indirectly delay the deceleration - the change in your velocity - and thus change the amount of force exerted on your body and the important components of your car.

Another Cause: Configuration of Cars and Trucks

Another contributing factor to the often horrific results of a truck accident is the difference in the designs of cars and trucks.

It is possible for a small car to "submarine" under a truck; as the car moves under the larger vehicle, the undercarriage cuts through the body of the car causing the death or devastating injury to the people inside.

So that's a technical explanation of why West Palm Beach truck accidents have been, are, and always will be more dangerous than "traditional" car accidents - because any accident that involves large amounts of mass will also involve large forces.

If you or someone you care about has been hurt in a West Palm Beach truck accident, you can take effective, powerful action to get help and begin the process of holding the wrongdoing driver (or his/her trucking company or insurer) accountable for your damages and losses. Connect with attorney David J. Glatthorn today at (888) 340-2620 to discuss the details of your case.

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