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Florida Tourists Face Risk of Death When Participating in Excursions

West Palm Beach personal injuryMany tourists who come to Florida will partake in excursions or participate in tours. Unfortunately, there may be risks to the activities visitors do when they are in the area. Just recently, ABC News reported a French tourist was killed while on a guided snorkeling expedition. The 55-year-old tourist was with a tour group that was snorkeling off the Florida coast on a Tuesday afternoon.

The victim surfaced without wearing her mask and  reported she was feeling shortness of breath. The crew of the tour boat provided oxygen for her, but unfortunately she became unresponsive. CPR was initiated to try to save her, but the efforts were not effective. She was taken to a local hospital, but she was pronounced dead upon her arrival. An autopsy is being conducted in order to determine what the cause of death was.

Tourists Face Risks While Participating in Excursions and Tours

This incident is not the only one in which a tourist visiting the Florida area will end up losing his or her life. There are lots of organized tours and activities which occur throughout the state, with visitors having opportunities to hike, to swim with dolphins, to go out on fishing boats or sight-seeing boats, to parasail or surf, to learn to scuba dive, and to do countless other things outside. Visitors who don't know how to swim very well, who may not be used to water, or who may not be aware of how to be safe while doing these activities for the first time can all face significant dangers.

Typically, when a tourist partakes in any type of a tour or excursion which could be dangerous, the tour operators will provide warning of potential risks associated with the activity and will also get the tourist who is participating to sign a waiver of liability. By agreeing to engage in the activity, which could be inherently dangerous, the tourist assumes the risk. When snorkeling, for example, the tourist could face dangers from not knowing how to use the mask but would be said to have taken this risk upon herself by participating in the activity.

Many tourists mistakenly believe if they get hurt after signing a liability waiver that they will have no options for pursuing a personal injury claim for compensation from the company operating the tour or excursion. This is not necessarily true.

While people assume the risk associated with excursions, they only assume reasonable risks; tour operators are still not able to be negligent and get away with it. In the case of a scuba excursion, for example, divers might assume many different risks of things going wrong, but if the operator of the excursion was negligent in filling oxygen tanks and maintaining the tanks so gauges worked properly, this would not be a risk assumed by divers. In such a situation, the operator could be held liable for foreseeable harm resulting from issues with those tanks.

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