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Are Pedestrians Safe from Accidents in West Palm Beach?

In some parts of the country, walking is much more dangerous than in other locales. Unfortunately, West Palm Beach and the entire state of Florida are among the most dangerous places that people can walk.  There are a number of reasons why it is so high-risk to walk in these areas, including the fact that the roads are not well-set up to provide safe spaces for pedestrians and the fact that many drivers do not share the road with pedestrians in a safe and responsible way. Pedestrian accident risks are high in Florida

Next City released rankings recently illustrating where deadly pedestrian accidents are most likely to occur. Florida was found to be the worst state in the United States for pedestrians. Not only that, but South Florida was the 11th worse metropolitan area.

The Next City data attempted to compare the number of pedestrian fatalities with the number of people who actually walk on a regular basis. This is the most accurate way to assess how dangerous a location is for a pedestrian because populations differ dramatically from state-to-state and because a significantly greater percentage of people walk in some states compared with others.

To compare risks, Next City looked at the number of people who walk to commute and compared this number with the pedestrians deaths to develop a Pedestrian Danger Index.

The state of Florida's pedestrian danger index was 177, the nation's highest PDI. Vermont had the nation's lowest PDI. Its pedestrian danger index was 11.4. Obviously, this reveals that Florida is much more dangerous than safer states.

South Florida was the 11th most dangerous metro area. The metro area's PDI was 148.2. The metro area with the lowest Pedestrian Danger Index, Colorado Springs, had a PDI of 13.5.  Again, the risk was substantially greater within this particular Florida metro area as compared with in safer locales.

South Florida pedestrians need to be aware of how dangerous walking can be for them. It is important to pay careful attention to what drivers are doing and to be smart about where you walk. If you do get hurt or if your loved one dies in a pedestrian accident, victims or family members of deceased victims should consult with an experienced attorney to find out what legal recourse is available so they can get compensation from a careless driver who caused a pedestrian accident to happen.

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