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Avoiding Injuries in West Palm Beach During the Most Dangerous Month of the Year

West Palm Beach auto accident attorneyOver the course of the year, there are different risks you face, which could result in injuries or even fatalities. While you could get hurt at any time, National Safety Council reports July is the single most dangerous month on the calendar. Because July is such a high risk time, it is a good time to review best practices for safety so you can try to avoid preventable injury.

If someone else is careless and harms you, you have legal rights. An experienced personal injury lawyer can provide representation and assistance if you are injured in an accident this summer.

Prevention of Injuries During July

The death rate due to unintentional injuries in July is 11 percent higher than the national average death rate. The primary factors which explain the added dangers in July include an increase in fatal motor vehicle crashes; extreme temperatures over the course of the month; and an increased risk of drowning during this warm summer month.

NSC provides tips to stay safe during the highest-risk month of the year. NSC suggests you can help to keep yourself and your family safe by:

  • Exercising extra caution as you drive. Teens are off from school and more young drivers are on the road. Many people also take road trips, while others are off to celebrate summer holidays. The risk of accidents caused by speeding and drunk driving are both higher during July. There is also an added danger of cell phone accidents over the course of the month. In July 2011, 3,417 people lost their lives over the month in motor vehicle accidents.
  • Learning about vehicle safety features, which may help to prevent collisions. MyCarDoesWhat provides information on features like adaptive cruise control and backup cameras that may be incorporated into vehicles to help prevent car crashes.
  • Never leaving children unattended in hot vehicles. In 2013, 44 kids were killed because they were left inside a hot car and got overheated. The temperature outside does not have to be very hot and a child does not have to be left in a car for very long before the child's body temperature climbs to levels which can cause blindness, deafness, brain damage, and death.
  • Always using an appropriate child safety seat for your child. Whether you are driving or flying, your child should be in safety seat designed for his or her age or weight. When flying, parents should purchase a separate seat for children age 2 and up and should use a car seat approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).
  • Exercising caution around water, including pools, beaches, and water parks. Children should have flotation devices and should be supervised at all times. You should make sure all parties in your group know how to swim before going to a water event.
  • Avoiding boating risks. Do not boat while drunk or get on a boat operated by someone who is drunk. Do not operate a boat without a license.

By following these safety steps and taking a common sense approach to summer risks, hopefully you can avoid becoming one of the many victims of injuries in July.

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