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Distracted Driving and the Most Dangerous Intersection in Palm Beach

West Palm Beach auto accident attorneyWest Palm Beach car accidents at intersections can often be attributed to a rising danger that has become pervasive behind the wheel: smartphones.

Although F.S. 316.05 expressly prohibits the use of some wireless communications by drivers, it's one of the latest and weakest distracted driving laws in the country. While all drivers are technically banned from texting and driving, it's only considered a secondary offense, meaning officers can't pull drivers over purely on suspicion of texting. A citation for texting and driving can only be issued when a motorist is pulled over for some other traffic violation that is considered a primary offense. From a safety perspective, the ban may as well not exist.

On top of that, we have aging infrastructure, roads that weren't designed to be multi-modal and intersections that are inherently hazardous as it is. As pointed out by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), intersections are the point of traffic wherein there is the highest potential for motor vehicle conflicts.

Throw in smartphones as a factor, particularly when motorists say they "only" use their phones at red lights, and our recent steep two-year increase in motor vehicle crashes (with the highest number we've seen in five decades) begins to make a bit more sense.

Dangerous West Palm Beach Intersections

The Palm Beach Post recently conducted an analysis of the most hazardous intersections in Palm Beach County.

As in past years, the most dangerous intersection in Palm Beach was at Okeechobee Boulevard and North Military Trail. In 2017, it was the scene of 183 crashes, or roughly one crash every other day. That's according to statistics gleaned from the county's Engineering and Public Workers Department.

From Jupiter to Boca Raton, no other intersection nearly as many accidents. It's estimated that today, some 100,000 vehicles pass through that intersection every day.

Most Effective Crash Avoidance

West Palm Beach car accident attorneys know that while there can certainly be "bad" intersections, the reality is that the vast majority of these collisions are avoidable.

Simply cutting down on the number of drivers checking text messages, responding to emails and updating social media would help us make a significant dent in the number of collisions that occur - not only at this intersection but throughout Florida.

If you or a loved one was injured in a crash, it's best to speak to an experienced attorney at David J. Glatthorn, P.A.

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