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AAA study: Many admit to engaging in dangerous driving behaviors

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Drivers often give in to the urge to engage in distracted driving, speeding or driving impaired. For some drivers, these are only isolated incidents. For others, these behaviors are habitual.

Researchers from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety delved into the habits of drivers who had recently been involved in crashes, in contrast with those who hadn't.

The study was conducted in 2019 and involved a survey of 2,714 drivers who were at least 16 years of age. Participants were asked how they viewed certain risky driving behaviors and if they ever found themselves engaging in them. The results were published in AAA's annual Traffic Safety Culture Index.

Drivers likely to engage in risky behavior

According to the survey, roughly 96 percent of participants said they viewed texting and driving and drowsy driving as dangerous. Within the last 30 days of being surveyed, many participants said they engaged in risky driving behavior, despite being aware of the risks. Nearly half of all survey participants were aware that they could get pulled over by police while engaging in risky driving behavior.

Participants who admitted to being involved in a crash within the last two years were far more likely to engage in risky driving behavior than those who weren't involved in an accident. Here are the figures published in the index:

  • Talking on cellphones while driving: 50% of drivers who were recently involved in crashes and 42% of drivers who weren't involved in crashes admitted to this within the last month.
  • Texting and driving: 43% of drivers who were recently involved in crashes and 27% of drivers who weren't involved in crashes admitted to this within the last month.
  • Running red lights: 39% of drivers who were recently involved in crashes and 30% of drivers who weren't involved in crashes admitted to this within the last month.

The data from this year's index revealed that there was a decrease in risky driving behavior from the data collected in 2018. This includes a:

  • 9% reduction in talking on cellphones while driving
  • 3% reduction in drowsy driving and texting and driving

Tips for preventing crashes caused by risky behavior

AAA offers some safe driving tips that drivers should consider, including:

  • Keep cellphones and handheld devices out of reach. Cellphones can also be disabled to avoid the need to answer calls or check notifications.
  • Allow more time to get from point A to point B to avoid the urge to speed or drive aggressively.
  • Avoid tired driving at all costs. Drivers should take breaks or naps if needed or stay off the road when they feel too tired to drive.
  • Avoid impaired driving. Alcohol, recreational drugs and certain medications can impact driver's judgment, coordination and reaction time.
  • Wear seatbelts and encouraging all occupants to wear them.

What should I do if I was in a car accident?

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