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Driving Drunk Is No Way to Spend the Holidays

The time between Thanksgiving and New Years day should be a time to wrap presents, attend parties and special events with friends and family, look back over the year that has passed and plan ahead to an exciting New Year. Unfortunately, some people will never make it to that New Years and some families will spend their time dealing with the grief of a lost loved one. The holiday season is a time when drunk driving significantly increases and when the roads become far less safe for everyone.

An experienced drunk driving accident lawyer in West Palm Beach knows that a total of 1,091 people were killed in 2012 between Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve, according to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Many more also suffered injury in drunk driving crashes over the holiday season. The loss of life and loss of good health is unacceptable and should never occur since drunk driving accidents are so avoidable. Yet, people continue to drive drunk even when they know it is dangerous. Drivers need to stop this behavior, which causes so much devastation, and should instead make sure they have a designated driver when going out drinking.

Holiday Drunk Driving Can Spoil the Festive Season and Ruin Lives

According to the national president of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), the holidays are an especially dangerous time when it comes to drunk driving 200274141-001because many people go to parties and other events and then leave after they've consumed more than the legal limit.

The USA Today reports MADD advises people to make a decision before they have even one drink. If they are planning to have even one drink, they should have a designated driver arranged and they should make sure that their designated driver is someone they can really trust not to consume alcohol.

For those who don't have a designated driver or whose designated driver falls through, other solutions should be considered to provide a way home (and getting behind the wheel shouldn't be one of them). For example, there are often both state and local services that are available around the holiday time that offer free cab fare or reduced cab rides for people who need help getting home after an evening of celebration. Hailo, a cab-hailing app, has also joined forces in 2012 with MillerCoors to provide $3 million worth of cab rides in several major cities in the United States. News Channel 5 reports that AAA has also offered a tow-to-go service in West Palm Beach on New Years in the past to provide a no-cost tow home for intoxicated party-goers.

If you are heading out to celebrate the holidays, it is a good idea to look into these programs before you go out and even to have the telephone number of a participating cab company or tow-truck company with you in case you need a ride home.  If more people do this, the increased risk of crashes around the holidays could be significantly decreased.

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