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How common are facial injuries in Florida car accidents?

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Facial injuries caused by car accidents can result in serious physical pain, emotional trauma, and disability, in some cases.

In frontal collisions or head-on collisions, drivers are at risk of slamming their faces on the steering wheel or dashboard. Even if an airbag deploys, the impact of a crash can still result in trauma and burns to the face.

In T-bone crashes or rollovers, shattering window glass can cause serious lacerations, as well as injuries to the mouth and eyes.

Over 50% of victims sustain facial injuries

The Department of Surgery at the Medical College of Pennsylvania conducted a study of crash-related facial injuries in 1994.

The study analyzed the injuries of 461 patients who were treated for crash-related injuries. Approximately 237 of patients were treated for facial injuries — 78 percent of which involved soft tissue damage and 22 percent of which involved facial bone fractures.

What's even more alarming is that 18 percent of the patients who were treated for facial injuries were fastened by seatbelts at the time of each crash. This means that seatbelts may not always be effective at preventing crash-related facial or head injuries.

Another study, conducted in 2016, concluded that seatbelts and airbags can reduce the chances of a crash-related facial injury being severe. Crash victims are still likely to sustain some facial trauma and burns, however.

How serious are crash-related facial injuries?

Crash-related facial injuries can be much worse than a few cuts and bruises. The impact of a crash can causes broken bones, deep lacerations, lost teeth, and serious eye injuries.

Crash victims often suffer:

  • Pain or loss of feeling in the face
  • Disfiguration from broken bones
  • Blocked airways and nasal passages
  • Blindness or double vision
  • Bacterial infections caused by lacerations, burns, and oral damage
  • A traumatic brain injury
  • Complications with the nervous system
  • Inability to perform certain tasks, such as eating or talking
  • Serious emotional and mental trauma

Medical treatment for facial trauma

If you sustained serious facial trauma in a crash, your doctor may restore some or all of the functioning and original characteristics by performing surgery. For example, your doctor may correct:

  • Bone disfiguration
  • Vision problems
  • Breathing issues
  • Scarring

You may have to take time off from work and daily activities to recover after surgery. During this time, you may have to wear a metal brace for your jaw, dentures, metal plates, and wiring.

Even if your facial injury doesn't seem severe, you should always seek medical attention after a crash. Your injury could be worse than you think. By getting prompt medical treatment, your doctor can address the injury before it gets worse and provide you with documentation of your injury.

Do I need a lawyer if I was injured in a car accident?

Getting medical treatment for a facial injury can be costly. If you have to take time off from work to recover, it may be difficult to make ends meet. An experienced Florida car accident attorney can help you recover all financial damages accrued from your crash, however.

Never rely on the at-fault driver's insurance company to compensate you. Let David J. Glatthorn, P.A. advocate for a fair settlement and help you get the compensation you need. Contact us online or call our West Palm Beach law office at 800-990-9394 to find out how. Our consultations are free and confidential.

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