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Study: Older Motorcyclists More Likely to Die in FL Motorcycle Crashes

A few years ago, Dr. Mark Gestring, the director of the trauma center at the University of Rochester Medical School, noticed a change in the motorcyclists that were coming into his emergency room. He saw that bikers who were injured in motorcycle crashes were getting older, and their injuries were more severe. So, he did a study.

Dr. Gestring found that between 1998 and 2003, the proportion of injured riders over age of 40 had increased-a lot-from 28 percent to almost 50 percent. In fact, the fastest growing group of injured riders is motorcyclists between the ages of 50 and 59. And these riders are far more likely than younger riders to suffer serious and fatal injuries.

Are motorcyclists getting older? Yes. Between 1998 and 2005, the average age of motorcyclists in the United States increased from 33 to over 40. Now it is 48. But that isn't the whole story. With age come physical changes that make a biker more likely to die in a Palm Beach motorcycle crash.

Dr. Gestring's team found that motorcyclists over the age of 40 experience more serious injuries, longer hospital stays, and higher death rates when compared to younger riders. Older riders are more likely to:

  • Spend 24 hours or longer in the intensive care unit after a motorcycle accident
  • Suffer serious injury after a motorcycle crash
  • Die from injuries sustained in a motorcycle wreck
  • Die from injuries that were not fatal to younger riders
  • Have pre-existing conditions (high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes) that slowed recovery time or caused complications
  • Suffer from complications including heart attacks and infection

This doesn't mean that senior bikers should give up their motorcycles. Like all riders, those over 40 should do their best to prevent accidents by following rules of the road and avoiding alcohol while riding. In addition, older riders should protect their bodies by wearing helmets and other safety equipment.

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