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Are You a Victim of Florida Car Insurance Fraud?

Staged car accidents are a growing problem in south Florida and across the United States. What can you do if you feel you are a victim of a Florida staged car accident? Here are some tips from Boca Raton accident attorney David Glatthorn.

  1. Call the police immediately after the accident. If there are no injuries, the dispatcher may be hesitant to send an officer to the scene. Let the dispatcher know that you suspect car accident fraud.
  2. Gather information. Ask for the other driver's name, address, phone number, license plate number, and car insurance information. If possible, get the driver's license number and vehicle registration information. He may refuse to give you information or give you false information, so you should also write down the make, model, and color of his vehicle and a brief description of the driver and any passengers.
  3. Be careful not to provide too much information. Give the driver your name, number and insurance information, but that's all. Some scam artists use staged accidents to steal identity information.
  4. Take pictures. Use your cellphone camera to take pictures of the accident scene. Get pictures of both vehicles from every angle. Take a close-up of the car damage, the license plate, and the driver and any passengers.
  5. Never settle with cash. It may be tempting to avoid reporting the accident to the insurance company. However, giving the other driver money doesn't guarantee that he won't still file a claim.
  6. Report the accident to your own auto insurance company. If you let your insurance company know that you suspect fraud, they will investigate. The insurance companies don't want to pay fraudulent insurance claims any more than you do.
  7. Compare your repair bill to the adjuster's estimate. Make sure you weren't overcharged or billed for unneeded repairs. If anything is off, let your insurance company know.
  8. Contact a Boca Raton car accident lawyer. The attorney may be able to investigate your accident claim and gather evidence of fraud. For more information, contact Boca Raton accident injury attorney David Glatthorn at 866-413-5525.
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