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Shooting in Florida Nightclub Raises Questions About Club Owner Responsibility

West Palm Beach personal injuryBoth locals and tourists enjoy a vibrant night life in Florida. Unfortunately, a recent shooting at a Florida night club interrupted the festivities being enjoyed by many partygoers and the shooting is raising concerns about safety. Two people were killed and another 10 were injured in the shooting incident, and it followed closely on the heels of another shooting which had also happened at a local club.

When an act of violence like a gun incident occurs, it becomes necessary to determine if the security was adequate at the location where the violent event took place. A security failure can sometimes make the club responsible for the acts of violence which occurred within its walls. Victims or their family members could make a premises liability claim if they can prove the club failed to fulfill its obligation to keep patrons safe from harm.

Shooting Incident Raises Questions About the Responsibility of Club Owners

According to Orlando Sentinel, the shooting took place at a crowded nightclub which has a central location right within the tourist district. The nightclub is located across from a luxury resort and it is right down the road from a popular water park destination. A special reggaeton event called Twisted Satursdays was being held at the club at the time when the shooting incident happened and Latin and Caribbean music were being featured as a part of the event.

There were around 300 people present at the club for the special event at the time when the shooting occurred. One of the victims who was shot was pronounced dead at the scene and another was pronounced dead after being taken to a local medical center. Eight other victims were also taken to the medical center, with several listed in critical condition.

It was unclear why the shooting happened; however, the club had been the scene of a shooting in October which had left two people injured. There had also been a fatal shooting at a different night club in Florida the day before this incident occurred, and on the prior Saturday another death and a handful of injuries had occurred at a different establishment.

Security was reportedly tight at the club, but it was not clear how a gun was able to be brought into the facility with the allegedly tight security. One big factor in premises liability cases is a past history of violence. When a facility knows there has been violence in the past and there is a significant risk of future violence, it ends up with more responsibility to impose tough security measures to protect patrons. A determination will need to be made on whether the "tight" security at the club was reasonable to protect guests in light of the past shooting or whether more should have been done.

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