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Florida Hotel Accidents Involving Swimming Pools Can Lead to Legal Liability

West Palm Beach personal injuryMany hotels in the West Palm Beach area have indoor or outdoor swimming pools visitors can enjoy. Swimming pools are a popular feature to attract guests to hotels, but pools can also be dangerous. When hotel accidents happen at swimming pools, it is necessary to determine if the hotel can be held liable and a lawsuit filed to obtain compensation.


Many swimming pool accidents lead to drowning deaths, but even when victims survive, being underwater and deprived of oxygen or striking the head while diving can lead to permanent brain damage, spinal cord injuries, and other serious lifelong impairments.

Treatment costs can be expensive, and a personal injury civil lawsuit can allow guests injured in accidents to avoid financial worries after accidents occur.

Hotel Accidents in Swimming Pools Can Cause Serious Harm

WHIO recently reported on a hotel accident involving a swimming pool in which a child nearly drowned. Emergency crews were called to the hotel at approximately 10:25 in the morning to respond to reports of a child suffering possible drowning injuries and not breathing. The child was at the hotel pool with his stepfather and other family members.

The family members at first believed the child was just playing around as he stayed under water for 30 seconds. However, he did not surface and his stepfather jumped in to pull him from the bottom of the pool. The child began spewing water after CPR was performed, and he began breathing again shortly thereafter. Repots indicate the child was conscious when paramedics arrived and was taken to the hospital as a precaution but was expected to be OK.

Not every child involved in a hotel pool accident is so lucky. YMCA reports nearly all drowning victims who require CPR either die or are left with severe brain injury. Approximately 20 percent of near-drowning survivors experience severe permanent disabilities and around 2,700 children age 14 and under are treated in hospitals each year due to drowning. For each child who dies from drowning, four are treated in hospitals and survive but sustain injury.

Hotels can be held accountable in situations where their negligence leads to a child drowning and suffering injuries or death. Many hotels post signs warning against diving and alerting swimmers to the fact they are swimming at their own risk. Even with these signs, however, hotels are not absolved of all obligations to patrons.

When hotel pools have damaged or broken tiles, broken ladders, faulty drains children can become caught in, or other unsafe conditions, the hotel can become responsible for any injuries which occur as a direct result. To hold a hotel accountable for drowning, victims or their family members will need to provide proof the hotel had a legal duty it failed to live up to. Signs and warnings cannot remove all legal obligations a hotel has to create a safe environment for patrons, so drowning victims should consider legal action even if the hotel has posted signs in the pool area.


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