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How to spot a reckless driver

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Reckless drivers often don't use reasonable caution when sharing the road with others. We have all seen the reckless behavior of other drivers. When these drivers cause a crash, we can't truly call it an "accident." That's because reckless drivers make the conscious decision to drive in a way that endangers others.

Reckless driving causes hundreds of thousands of crashes each year that injure and kill many. The first step to protecting yourself from reckless drivers is to know how to spot them on the road and keep your distance.

Should you or a loved one be injured in a crash with a reckless driver, be sure to speak to an experienced West Palm Beach car accident attorney to pursue a legal claim.

Spotting reckless drivers

It's not hard to know which drivers to keep your distance from. All it takes is awareness of the following driving behaviors:

  • Not slowing down during hazardous road or weather conditions. When traffic backs up, construction is being done on the road, and dangerous weather strikes, drivers must reduce their speed. Some drivers don't take these hazards into consideration and drive at speeds that are unsafe for the given conditions.
  • Showing no regard for other road users' safety and rights. All drivers are required to yield the right-of-way to other road users. Failing to do so can result in a serious crash. Reckless drivers not only fail to yield the right-of-way, but they often also don't respect the rights of bicyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians.
  • Violating traffic laws. Many reckless drivers will knowingly run through red lights and stop signs when they are in a hurry. Some will even travel at dangerous speeds and weave through traffic.
  • Driving while impaired by alcohol. Alcohol can cause drivers to experience poor judgment, reduced reaction time, and loss of physical and cognitive control. The degree to which a driver is impaired depends on the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level of alcohol. At a BAC of 0.08 percent or more, drivers can be arrested and charged with DUI.
  • Using a cellphone while driving. Distracted driving has become one of the leading causes of serious and fatal crashes across the United States. In fact, it resulted in 2,841 deaths nationwide in 2018, according to the NHTSA. In Florida, texting and driving is illegal, but unlike other states, there is no handheld ban for all drivers.

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