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Large commercial trucks pose threat to neighborhood residents

West Palm Beach truck accident attorneyWe see large commercial trucks on greater West Palm Beach highways and major roads. When truck drivers and trucking companies operate responsibly, large commercial vehicles don't typically pose a danger to other road users. Large trucks can pose a threat to the public when operated in areas where they aren't infrastructurally suitable, of course.

For example, many residential neighborhoods are not designed to withstand the size and weight of a fully-loaded semi-truck. The Palm Beach Post reports that one community in Palm Beach County has sought the help of an engineering firm to conduct a $40,000 study on infrastructural risks involving large trucks.

Local community may prohibit truck traffic

The study will focus exclusively on Palm Beach's North End where large commercial trucks frequently pass through. The narrow streets and tight intersections in many North End neighborhoods aren't exactly designed for commercial traffic, and each day, residents of that area are at risk of being struck.

According to the Palm Beach Post story, large trucks, construction workers, and landscapers have reportedly run over lawns, damaged property, and got stuck at intersections -- and that's not the only issue.

According to Councilwoman Julie Araskog (also a North End resident), large trucks pose a serious danger to drivers and pedestrians in that area. She recalled being run off the road by a truck and reports that a woman pushing a baby in a stroller was nearly struck.

The danger has been persistent for years and the only action town officials have taken is encouraging residents to hire contractors with smaller trucks. This has proven to be ineffective.

Town officials are now considering placing restrictions on which roads can be accessed by commercial vehicles — depending on a vehicle's size and weight. First, the road infrastructure and traffic conditions must be studied, including determining which size trucks can safely navigate through North End intersections.

Get an experienced truck accident attorney on your side

When fully loaded, large commercial trucks can weigh as much as 80,000 lbs. They have the potential to inflict catastrophic damage in a collision, rollover, or lane-departure crash — even when traveling at a fairly low speed through a residential area.

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