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Experienced South Florida Attorney offers Top 10 Motorcycle Safety Tips

West Palm Beach motorcycle accident attorneyGear, focus and common sense are among motorcycle safety tips that can help in preventing accidents, injuries and deaths.

Few activities simultaneously boast the fun and danger of riding a motorcycle. Savoring the freedom of the road can turn tragic if an accident occurs because of someone else’s negligence, however. That’s when reaching out to an experienced motorcycle accident attorney can prove vital.

Safety precautions before you ride

Here are 10 motorcycle safety tips for riders to avoid crashes and other problems, according to an April 1, 2019 story on newswire.net. The tips can help veteran and new riders, along with drivers who want to make sure the road is safe for everyone:

  • Keep educating yourself: Make it a habit to learn about riding a motorcycle, caring for the bike and staying up-to-date about riding laws and safety features. However experienced a rider you may be, you can never have too much knowledge about safety and training.
  • Get the right gear: Motorcycle riders lack the protection of drivers and passengers in cars and trucks. Motorcycle safety tips include wearing long pants, long sleeves and always wearing a helmet. Many fatalities can be prevented with helmet use. Gloves, eye protection like goggles, and boots are good ideas. Gear equipped with padded, armor-like material is also available.
  • Be noticeable: Especially at night, make sure your gear includes bright or reflective equipment. Use the motorcycle headlight even during the day.
  • Stay aware: Remind yourself to stay alert for other drivers, pedestrians and roadway hazards, like debris. It also helps to be aware of drivers who are speeding, texting or swerving in traffic.
  • Don’t drink and ride: Even if you feel sober after drinking alcohol, never operate a motorcycle after drinking. You might feel sober on first mounting the bike but alcohol hits everyone at different speeds and you may not realize you are drunk until it is too late.
  • Keep your motorcycle maintained: A poorly maintained motorcycle can lead to an accident. Establish a routine of motorcycle safety tips by checking tires, brakes, lights, turn signals, fluids and filters before riding.
  • Check for road hazards: Make it part of your routine before riding your motorcycle to check your state’s transportation department website or local media for scheduled roadwork, like construction or utility improvements. Such checks also can yield information about any accidents that have occurred.
  • Watch the weather: Riding a motorcycle in bad weather that includes rain, snow, ice or heavy winds can be dangerous. Avoid operating a bike in such cases. Motorcycle riders who are stuck riding in bad weather should go slow and take extra care until they can stop and take shelter.
  • Avoid aggression: Upsetting as it may be, it’s best to let it go when other drivers cut in front or swerve or otherwise display reckless behavior. Responding to such aggravations with aggression can cause road rage accidents and even lead to criminal charges against motorcyclists and other drivers.
  • Use common sense: Be aware of your surroundings. Ride appropriately for the area and road conditions. Stay calm and avoid trying to act macho or cool to show off for nearby drivers. Among the most important of motorcycle safety tips: always obey traffic laws.

Florida has the second-highest number of registered motorcycles in the United States with 545,452, behind only California’s 799,900, according to WorldAtlas.

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