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NHTSA Taking Steps to Prevent Car Accidents Due to Vehicle Safety Issues

Our West Palm Beach car accident lawyers know that problems with malfunctioning vehicles can be incredibly dangerous and can significantly increase the chances of an accident occurring. Unfortunately, many drivers are unaware when their vehicles are recalled or when a safety issues develops with their vehicles.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is taking steps to solve this problem by making it easier for car and truck owners to check and see if their cars have been recalled and if their vehicles have been fixed following a prior recall.

NHTSA Aims to Prevent Defect-Related Car Crashes 

According to Autos Insider, a highway funding bill signed into law last July required the NHTSA to put a new database in place that will allow the 240 million car and truck owners throughout the U.S. to search a database of recalled vehicles.

The NHTSA has announced that it is working to complete the database and that the deadline for completion is no later than October 1. Some indicate that the deadline is even sooner and the NHTSA has already suggested rules that will require large volume auto makers to submit VIN numbers to the government when a car is recalled.

The idea is that vehicle owners will be able to enter the VIN number into the database both to see if their vehicle has been subject to any recalls and to see if a car with a recall has already been repaired. This will be invaluable both to drivers who want to make sure their vehicles are safe and to those who buy used or older cars and who want to know about the recall and repair history.

The NHTSA has proposed that information be updated at least once per day so car owners can access real time up-to-date data. This, hopefully, will help to prevent drivers from continuing to operate cars with serious safety issues that could put them at risk.

Car Accidents Caused by Vehicle Defects

Each year in the United States, vehicle defects cause or contribute to traffic crashes. From tire treads that separate to cars that accelerate on their own to malfunctioning brakes or cars prone to fire, there have been many different problems that have occurred in vehicles that have caused injury to the car's owners or to others on the road.

When a car accident happens and the crash is caused by a vehicle defect, the manufacturer can be held responsible for resulting injuries. This is different from a standard accident claim wherein an injured individual files a negligence lawsuit against the driver who caused a crash and resulting injuries. When a car defect is the cause of the crash, a product liability lawsuit against the manufacturer may generally be pursued under strict liability rules without the injured victims needing to show that the manufacturer was negligent.

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