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Why Do Pedestrian Accidents Rise on Halloween in Florida?

West Palm Beach Pedestrian Accident AttorneyDuring Halloween week, the average number of pedestrians who get hit by cars in Florida rises 23 percent. This troubling statistic comes from Allstate Insurance company and was reported on by TC Palm. This huge increase in pedestrian accidents means a lot of people are getting hurt or killed. It is important to understand why this happens, so steps can be taken to try to prevent it.

Who Do Pedestrian Accident Risks Rise on Halloween?

It's easy to understand the main reason why pedestrian accidents rise on Halloween: trick-or-treating means a lot more people out walking around than on an average night.

The rise in the number of people walking after dark is a big reason for the rise in pedestrian accidents on Halloween night, but it is not the only reason why more accidents involving pedestrians happen.

Another problem is many kids who are out on Halloween night will be wearing dark colored costumes, which can make it harder for drivers to see them. According to Fortune, superhero costumes for kids are very popular this year, which could mean some kids are decked out in brighter clothing. However, other costumes topping the "most popular" list include Batman, a witch, and a zombie. Dressing in any of these outfits can mean wearing black and blending in. If face make-up is part of the outfit, like it often is when kids are wearing costumes, these kids could be even harder to see than if they're just wearing dark clothing.

Another issue, aside from the costume problem, is many teens and adults decide to attend Halloween parties instead of trick-or-treating. Sometimes, alcohol is served at those parties. If a motorist drinks too much on Halloween and gets into the car to head home, this intoxicated motorist could be a menace to himself and others while driving.

A drunk motorist could put every parent and child on the road at risk of pedestrian accidents over Halloween. Since Halloween parties can happen at any time in the days leading up to and including the holiday, the added risk of intoxication is one reason why the danger of pedestrian accidents goes up for the whole week around Halloween and not just on Halloween night.

Drivers and trick-or-treaters need to know of the increased risk of pedestrian accidents during the week of the October 31 celebration, as well as understanding the special risks on Halloween night. If a driver doesn't obey the rules of the road and hurts a pedestrian who is out on Halloween, that driver could face serious consequences, including being held liable for losses resulting from a motor vehicle accident he caused.

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