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West Palm Beach Attorney on Best Ideas to Avoid Speed-Related Crashes

West Palm Beach auto accident attorneySpeeding is a leading factor in Florida crashes. It can amplify the likelihood of a devastating or fatal accident, especially when distraction, impairment or other factors are involved.

The reasons why drivers speed varies. Some may simply be in a rush to get somewhere. For others, it’s a habit they engage in without realizing they’re even doing it.

Police cracking down on speeders

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, nearly 11,000 statewide crashes in 2018 were caused by drivers speeding. In an effort to address this problem, police have launched an initiative called Operation Southern Shield, which is in its third year now.

Florida Highway Patrol Lt. Patrick Riordan explains why this program is necessary.

“There was almost 300 people that were killed because of traffic crashes that involved speed," he said.

While some residents don’t believe speeding is a serious problem, others are glad law enforcement is cracking down on those who drive too fast.

“I think all of us actually need reminders," said one Florida resident. "I think it’s actually a good thing, I know with a lot of the accidents that have happened lately with 18 wheelers and church buses it’s very sad and I think it will cause people to be more careful."

Speed enforcement is especially critical this time of year as more bicyclists, pedestrians, and motorcyclists share the roads with cars and trucks. Additionally, summer is the most traveled season with people driving to the beach and tourists visiting the Sunshine State.

Higher speed limits may be the culprit

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) estimates that nearly 37,000 traffic fatalities across the United States between 1993 and 2017 were related to speeding – with more than 1,900 occurring in 2017. More than a third of speed-related deaths reportedly happened on highways.

This data was collected after many states abandoned the national highway speed limit of 55 mph. Currently, there are 41 states with highway speed limits of 70 mph or more – including Florida. Six other states have speed limits as high as 80 mph, and in Texas, it’s as high as 85 mph on some roads.

According to the IIHS, a 5-mph increase in the speed limit translates to an eight percent increase in the traffic fatality rate. This is due to the increased time and distance it takes to stop or maneuver to avoid a crash.

Many drivers in Florida habitually travel faster than the posted speed limit – even if it’s as little as 5-mph over. Some drivers have been doing it for years without any issues.

Once a crash occurs, it can turn a person’s life upside down. Attorney David J. Glatthorn has seen the devastation caused by speeding. He proudly represents injured motorists and their families in greater West Palm Beach and can help you recover every penny you’re entitled to.

Contact David J. Glatthorn, P.A. today to learn how he can help you.

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