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Thanksgiving Weekend Car Accident Risks in West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach auto accident attorneyThanksgiving weekend is one of the most dangerous traveling days of the year, if not the single most dangerous day. While Thanksgiving weekend moves up and down the list of the days with the highest number of auto accidents, along with New Years Eve, Memorial Day, Labor Day, and Christmas weekend, there is no question it is a high-risk time on the roads. In fact, over past Thanksgiving, Forbes reported that 502 people had died in auto accidents over the Thanksgiving holiday period, compared with 102 traffic deaths which normally occur during a similar timespan.

The Thanksgiving holiday is defined as the Wednesday immediately prior to Thanksgiving through to the Sunday night after the holiday. There are many reasons why this time period is so dangerous on the roads, including more people being out-and-about and more motorists becoming intoxicated and driving home under the influence.  Motorists need to make themselves aware of the substantial dangers and should do everything they can to try to avoid causing a collision or becoming involved in a Thanksgiving accident someone else causes.

Motorists who are frightened about the troubling stats related to Thanksgiving accidents can do a few simple things to try to reduce the chances they will be responsible for one of the deadly crashes that happen over the holiday weekend.

Staying sober is the most important thing you can do, as there is a substantial increase in impaired driving as people celebrate with friends over Thanksgiving. Drowsiness is a concern too, especially after eating that big Thanksgiving turkey. If you start to feel like you are falling asleep behind the wheel, switch drivers with a passenger or stop and get some rest. Lots of people take long road trips home over Thanksgiving, so you should allow yourself time to set if your travels make you fatigued.

Because there are so many travelers over Thanksgiving, there will also be more cars on the road. Pay attention at all times and drive assertively so you can identify if another motorist is doing something which could possibly cause you to crash. You can drive defensively to try to avoid an encounter with a careless driver so you reduce the chances of a collision.

Unfortunately, not everyone is going to be responsible on the roads. This means even if you do everything right, you and your loved ones could find yourself in a collision caused by a driver who did something wrong. If this happens, you should contact an experienced attorney because you have rights. The other driver can be held accountable for his or her own negligent actions and can be made to compensate you for your crash losses. People who got hurt can pursue claims on their own behalf, and families who lose loved ones can make wrongful death claims.

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