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Tips for Preventing West Palm Beach T-Bone Crashes

West Palm Beach auto accident attorneyAt a four way intersection, there are 32 potential points of conflict where vehicles could collide. As a driver, it is your responsibility to avoid causing an accident. While a motorist who is responsible for causing a collision can be held legally liable for damages, every motorist should try to prevent accidents caused through carelessness. This means expecting other drivers to make mistakes and accounting for this by being a defensive driver.

An experienced T-Bone accident lawyer knows there are many safety precautions you can take at intersections to try to avoid getting hurt in a side-impact accident. While not every collision can be prevented, following best practices for safety can save your life and the lives of passengers.

Tips for Preventing T-Bone Collisions

To reduce the chances of a T-Bone accident happening, you should ensure you follow all traffic rules. This means coming to a complete stop at a stop sign, and stopping for red lights. You should slow down at yellow lights and avoid entering an intersection when the light is about to turn red, even if you are hoping to make a turn. Wait to turn at a light if the traffic signal provides a turn signal, or wait until there is a gap so you clearly have room to get across the intersection before oncoming traffic approaches.

When you approach an intersection, you should approach at a reasonable speed so you are not going too fast to stop if necessary. Always be prepared to stop, even if you should be able to go across because you have the right-of-way. Others may not always obey traffic signals so do not necessarily count on another motorist not being in your path as you approach an intersection.

When the intersection is controlled only by stop signs or flashing red lights, many motorists do not know how to take turns and yield when required. Be especially careful at these intersections to avoid becoming involved in a side impact T-Bone accident. It is also important to make sure your brakes are in good working order so you do not become involved in a side-impact accident due to being unable to stop your car.

You have a right to expect other drivers will follow the rules of the road and they can be held accountable to you if they break those rules and harm you. Still, you should not actually assume other motorists will be responsible. Always check to make sure intersections are clear and don't assume another driver is going to stop when he's supposed to. Check to be sure cross traffic has fully cleared the intersection or come to a stop. If there is something blocking your view and you cannot see cross traffic, wait until the obstacle is cleared if possible before entering the intersection. If you must go around a blind curve or enter an intersection without being able to see cross traffic, proceed cautiously.

By following these tips, hopefully you can keep yourself and your passengers safe from a side-impact crash.

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