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Trucking Accidents Cause Serious Injuries in South Florida

West Palm Beach truck accident attorneyTruck accidents cause more severe injuries than car accidents. This is a physics lesson that many Florida motorists learn the hard way: a larger, heavier vehicle will sustain less impact from the crash than a smaller, lighter vehicle. There are many ways in which truck accidents occur. Some are due to the truck driver's negligence, and some are due to another driver's negligence. Some are due to a failure on the part of the transportation company which employs the truck driver. All of these factors can lead to serious and compensable injuries.

The cargo within a large truck can injure accident victims in many different ways. The Florida Times-Union reported on a fatal June 2017 accident in which a Ryder moving truck burst into flames. While this can occur to any vehicle with a fuel tank, it is particularly common with large vehicles requiring large fuel tanks. Any truck carrying flammable cargo, such as a gasoline tanker, is also at increased risk of catching on fire.

Cargo can also cause a truck to become unbalanced and more susceptible to tipping or a rollover accident. A local NBC affiliate reported on such an accident when a concrete truck tipped over in Charlotte County, Florida, between Port Charlotte and Englewood. Such tipping or rollover accidents are particularly common with liquid cargo, which tends to slosh and unbalance a truck. The sloshing effect has been known to move a truck forward from a complete stop.

Bad equipment is another common cause of truck accidents. Click Orlando discusses a truck accident caused by a tire blowout. State troopers were surprised to discover that the flat tire was recapped - a process by which new tread is added to an old tire. It is illegal to recap an old tire instead of replacing it with a proper new tire.

Proving Driver Negligence

Driver negligence will always be a risk factor for truck accidents. In a tragic case out of Bay County, Florida, a truck driver was attempting to connect his semi truck to a flatbed trailer. He was unaware that his eight-year-old son was on the trailer at the time. The son become crushed between the truck and trailer, then fell to the road when his father pulled the truck forward. He was treated for critical injuries. The Northwest Florida Daily News reports that the father was drunk at the time of the accident, and was charged with DUI and DUI causing a serious bodily injury.

When drivers, passengers, bikers, or pedestrians are injuries by a truck driver's negligence, they are entitled to full and fair compensation for their losses. These may include damages for:

  • Lost wages;
  • Medical expenses;
  • Loss of life enjoyment;
  • Pain and suffering;
  • Loss of consortium;
  • Wrongful death.

An experienced truck accident attorney will ensure that the legal rights of personal injury victims are protected. Attorney David Glatthorn has decades of experience in protecting the rights of accident victims in West Palm Beach and across South Florida. He holds both truck drivers and transportation companies responsible for their negligence to ensure that other motorists are not placed at risk.

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