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Vacation Accidents a Risk for West Palm Beach Visitors

West Palm Beach auto accident attorneyIn October, an ABC News doctor was killed while vacationing in Hawaii. According to AOL, the 31-year-old reporter was taking a walk when she lost her footing and she was swept out to sea. This tragic accident was one of many that happen every year as people go on winter vacations, which can turn to tragedy in an instant.

The holiday season and the winter months are an especially popular time to travel to warm destinations like West Palm Beach. Unfortunately, some visitors to the area will end up being hurt or killed as a result of hotel or vacation accidents. Visitors need to be prepared for vacation accidents and must understand their rights when they are away from home and get hurt.

Tips for Keeping Safe on Vacation

Vacation accidents can occur in many different scenarios. Drowning is a real possibility for visitors to West Palm Beach, as visitors may not know dangerous areas on the water to avoid or may not have experience dealing with water currents. Drowning can also happen in hotel pools or in pools in rental homes, especially if the pool areas are not properly maintained.

Motor vehicle accidents are also a risk to travelers who may be unfamiliar with local roads and unaware of dangerous intersections, while many vacationers also engage in other high-risk recreational activities like jet-skiing or boating where there is a significant chance of injury or even death occurring.

Visitors, to a large extent, must depend upon their hosts and those in the hospitality business to help keep them safe. However, there are a few things travelers should keep in mind to try to protect themselves when an injury does happen. Some tips include:

  • Bringing your health insurance card with you. You should have your insurance card in your wallet so you can get care quickly in case of an emergency. Be sure to check with your insurer when traveling - especially if you go out of the country- to find out what your coverage entails when you are away from the primary provider network in your home state.
  • Insure any vehicle you use. If you rent a car, a motorcycle, an ATV, or a boat, find out what the insurance on the vehicle covers and ensure you have a policy that protects you in case you injure yourself or cause harm to others.
  • Have an emergency contacts card with you. You should have a card in your wallet listing family members to contact in an emergency as well as contact information for others, like primary care physicians who can provide essential information about your health status in case of an emergency
  • Carry info about medical information with you. If you have allergies to any medications or are taking any drugs that could cause drug interactions, carry a card with these details in your wallet.

By planning ahead in case an emergency happens, you can help ensure you are taken care of when vacation accidents occur.

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