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West Palm Babies at Risk of Head Injuries Due to Strollers

West Palm Beach personal injuryStrollers and carriers are very commonly used for infants. These products, like other products which are made for children, must conform to the highest possible safety standards because of the importance of ensuring that children are kept safe. Unfortunately, there are hundreds of children hurt each year as a result of incidents which occur when kids are either in a stroller or are in a carrier. Many children are seriously hurt, with traumatic brain injuries especially common.

When a child is hurt in a stroller or carrier, it is important to determine if the accident could have been prevented or if the incident was caused by problems with the stroller or carrier. If there were any product defects which resulted in the injury occurring, the stroller manufacturer could be held accountable.

Stroller or carrier makers could also be held liable for injuries which occur to children if the manufacturer failed to provide adequate warning of risks to parents or if the parents were using the product as intended and the child got hurt due to any stroller or carrier problem. A personal injury claim could allow parents and families to recover compensation if they can prove the cause and extent of the injuries.

According to Live Science, approximately two children each day in the United States must visit the emergency room as a result of an incident which occurs while the child is in a carrier or while the child is in a stroller. More than 360,000 children between 1990 and 2010 got hurt in strollers or carriers and had to go to the hospital for treatment for their injuries.

The injuries sustained by the children were often serious. Soft tissue injuries were common. Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) also have occurred with disturbing frequency. Approximately 25 percent of injuries children sustain in strollers and 35 percent of injuries that children sustain in carriers involve traumatic brain injury. TBI can have long-lasting symptoms and cause extensive complications even for adults. For infants and young children whose brains are still developing, the full extent of the damage resulting from the traumatic brain injury is not yet understood.

Injuries to babies in strollers and carriers generally tend to happen for two primary reasons. One issue is that children fall out of strollers or carriers. Another issue is that children who are in carriers or strollers are hurt when the baby equipment tips over. These problems can happen because parents do not properly secure children, but can also occur as a result of defects in the products. If the injuries happen due to problems with the stroller or carrier, or because parents were not warned of the risks to children in the stroller or carrier, the manufacturers of the baby items can be held accountable for damages.

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