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Why West Palm Motorcycle Accidents Can Be So Deadly

West Palm Beach motorcycle accident attorneyMotorcycle accidents are more likely than accidents in cars to cause injuries and are more likely than accidents in cars to cause fatalities. One recent collision reported on by WPTV which occurred in West Palm Beach Florida showed how serious injuries can happen when someone is riding on a motorcycle.

The accident took place at approximately 8:30 in the morning on a Sunday. A driver was traveling north on Australia Avenue, near to Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard. The driver of the vehicle lost control of the car, and as a result, his vehicle hit a motorcycle rider.

Unfortunately, the motorcyclist became trapped underneath the vehicle which had struck him. The motorcyclist sustained serious injuries as a result of being pinned underneath the car. He had to be transported to the hospital for treatment, and he was described as being in "serious condition" by law enforcement.

This accident, unfortunately, is one of many situations in which a motorcyclist was badly hurt in Florida. While hopefully the motorcyclist will have a full recovery, many riders are not so lucky. Florida is an especially dangerous state for motorcycle riders, as well as for pedestrians and bicyclists and Florida fatality rates for motorcycle riders are very high. In fact, WCTV reports Florida is number one for motorcycle accidents nationwide.

Pedestrians, motorcyclist, and bike riders all have one thing in common: they have little or no protection from the force of the accident. They also face a significant chance of getting trapped underneath the car, as this motorcycle rider did in this tragic accident. This has serious consequences when it comes to their safety.

In recent decades, there has been a big decline in the number of people killed in car accidents. While it would be nice if this decline was solely attributed to safer roads and drivers behaving better (such as drinking less behind the wheel), improved conditions are only a part of the reason for the decline in deaths. One of the biggest drivers of the reduction in car accident fatality rates is that in-vehicle technology has gotten better.

Cars are now equipped with so many safety features, from front and side airbags to stronger roofs in case of rollovers, that deaths in accidents are far less likely to occur than in the past. Unfortunately, motorcycle riders don't benefit from all these safety devices because motorcyclists still have virtually no protection in case of a crash.

A motorcycle rider is likely to fly off the bike due to the collision impact, and could hit the road hard or get trapped underneath a car and sustain further injury. The only way to help keep motorcyclists safer is for drivers to make a commitment to actually being safer on the roads.  This is a lot harder than just improving technology!

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