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Florida Dump Truck Accidents Demand Strong Legal Action. Contact Us

Dump trucks transporting trash, garbage or construction materials normally share the road with other drivers without any problems. But when they are involved in car accidents, other drivers often sustain serious or even fatal injuries, while the dump truck driver walks away from the accident without a scratch.

West Palm Beach dump truck accident attorney David J. Glatthorn understands how frustrating such accidents can be for drivers. Without warning, you could be dealing with an accident that leaves you unable to walk or work for months or even longer. And worst of all, the insurance company handling your accident might be doing everything they can to avoid paying you for the accident caused by the dump truck driver.

That's not right. That's why attorney Glatthorn works so hard to find out how truck accidents happen. He realizes that the more information you have to support your case, the better. That's why attorney Glatthorn devotes so much time and energy to investigating truck accidents. Knowledge is power. And he puts that power to work for his clients, making sure they get the money they rightfully deserve.

West Palm Beach dump truck accidents are complicated. We can help.

Some people obviously worry about whether they can afford to hire attorney Glatthorn to represent them. Fortunately, money is not an issue when it comes to hiring him. He offers a free case review to all potential clients. And if you choose to hire him, you don't pay unless you win. That's because he works on a contingency fee basis. It's that simple.

Discover what attorney Glatthorn can do for you. Call 800-990-9394. His office is conveniently located in West Palm Beach. And when schedule an appointment, you won't be passed off to a less experienced lawyer or paralegal. You'll meet directly with attorney Glatthorn. Get honest answers and straightforward advice. Call right now.