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Construction sites can be dangerous places. Every day, people sustain serious injuries or get killed working at construction sites around the country. That's why you need an attorney familiar with workplace injuries if you or a family member gets hurt or worse working at a construction site.

Attorney David Glatthorn of David Glatthorn Law has handled numerous cases like these throughout his career. A Board Certified trial lawyer, attorney Glatthorn has more than 30 years of experience. He understands Florida's workplace injury laws and he knows how to use that information to get people the compensation they rightfully deserve.

The causes of construction accidents can be extensive: defective equipment, unlicensed equipment operators, reckless behavior by construction workers and more. A loose bolt can cause a scaffolding collapse. Forklift and crane accidents are common at construction sites. So are fires and explosions that cause burn injuries.

Following an accident, construction workers may be left with extensive medical bills to treat their injuries. And while they are unable to work, there's no money coming in. But their other bills don't stop coming in. It can be a tough time for construction workers and their families as they recover from injury - physically, emotionally and financially.

Florida construction accident attorney David J. Glatthorn builds strong cases

And to make matters worse, trying to figure out who's to blame can sometimes be a challenge since there are often several companies working at the same site at the same time. If your injury was caused by someone from another company, you may be dealing with a third party claim. Don't try to handle these cases on your own. They're very complicated and confusing.

Attorney Glatthorn has a proven track record. He knows how to identify the negligent parties and hold them accountable. Unlike big firms that will hand you off to a case manager, David Glatthorn will work with you directly and fight for the compensation that meets your needs. If he can't negotiate a favorable settlement, he will fight for you in court.

Injured construction workers in South Florida turn to David Glatthorn for many reasons. He's a highly skilled and experienced attorney. But they also know him to be honest and trustworthy. He shows compassion for what they are going through and provides aggressive representation on their behalf. And they know that he gets results.

Whatever kind of construction accident you're dealing with, we're prepared to help. Contact us and schedule a free case review. Call 800-990-9394. You have too much at stake to leave your future to chance. Contact attorney Glatthorn today.

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